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1135 Carthage St, Sanford, NC 27330, USA
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Consumer feedback about Central Carolina Hospital

Rating: 5 /5

Jessica Castillo

We recently had our third child at Central Carolina Hospital and without a doubt it was our best experience out of 3 different hospitals. The labor and delivery nurses were wonderful--caring and compassionate (we especially loved Alisa!) The delivery room was also equipped with a big bathtub with jacuzzi jets that made a natural labor so much more comfortable. I was able to have a very smooth water birth and I really appreciated how accommodating the nurses and midwife were to my birth preferences (including delayed cord clamping). The recovery rooms are spacious and comfortable and I couldn't believe how much rest I was able to get--there was never a steady stream of nurses waking me up all night long like at other hospitals we have delivered at in the past. In fact, I distinctly remember a nurse peeking in on me and leaving again because she didn't want to wake me! The much needed rest after labor was great. Even the meal delivery personnel were kind and cheerful. Overall, my husband and I were very pleased with our experience at this hospital and would recommend it to anyone looking for a great place to welcome their babies into the world!

Rating: 1 /5

Ely Baltazar

First time writing a review ever! Went here on 12/29/2017 due to my daughter having a high fever.. Got there and was greeted by the front desk women politely.. Everything was going smooth.. They call my daughter and I into the small check up room and there was a old man around 65 years old.. He was being nice and all.. He check my daughter's temp.. Blood pressure like normal.. Well after all that he told us to wait.. He comes back with some medicine. My daughter hates medicine FYI. Well she starts telling she doesn't want none so I try to calm her down. He's about to start giving her medicine and but she was fighting with me and him.. I was trying my best to hold her but she is a strong 4 year old. He forces the medicine into her mouth and makes her bleed.. Once I notice in my mind I'm just thinking "maybe she bite her lip trying to keep her mouth close" so I clean her up and he goes back and gets more medicine.. So it happens again.. But she bleeds even MORE. I'm was furious with the LACK OF PATIENCE AND UNPROFESSIONAL person. He was nervous with the way he was acting so I told then to give me the discharge papers and left. I am never going to this hospital in my life. This is not the first time.. Its been few time I've been here and its always something unprofessional here. *I gave some details of the day not all of it.. Just wanted to give a short review of this.

Rating: 1 /5

Melissa Mason

Don't take a loved one here if you want them cared for. My mom had a robotic partial knee replacement which requires an overnight stay in the hospital. It was a horrible experience. She had an afternoon surgery and got to her room on the second floor about six. It took forever for the nurses to show up when you needed one. She had one of those compression leg massagers on her left leg to prevent clots because she's had a PE before. They forgot to turn it on until my dad said something four hours after she got to the room No one seemed to know anything. The bathroom smelled like dirty mop water. The gurney they took her back on had biohazard on the lower level. They tried to give her insulin and she argued that she wasn't diabetic until they finally tested her blood. They brought a bath kit they knew she wouldn't be able to use just so they could charge for it. They left her in bloody bedding and bandages despite being told she was bleeding through. When it came time to release her, she was uncomfortable going home, and Dr. Bush, her Ortho, wouldn't cancel his discharge paperwork. The hospital doctor would issue an order for her to stay. They told her it was because of insurance, didn't give her any options and basically kicked her out. They didn't give her after care paperwork or post op instructions. Worst hospital experience ever. I've been in a lot all over the country. Go elsewhere.

Rating: 1 /5


took my wife to the er a wile back possible mini stroke. has had 2 major strokes before.worse staff ever. waited a hr took her back did tests dr came in said she didn't have one sent her home. she went to her dr and he looked at the test and said you could clearly see she did have a mini stroke. worst hospital we have ever been to. i would not take a sick cow there. this place needs to have a major law suit against them. all they care bought is money nothing else.

Rating: 1 /5

franky Collins

First off I do not recommend Central Carolina Hospital,to anyone unless your life depends on it. Mainly because i have seen nurses,that should be doctors. I have lived in Sanford my entire life,I have seen the hospital grow. Bottom line very unprofessional uncompassionate and just a very rude hospital.i had X-rays done on my arm,they told me everything was ok. I disagree the next day my whole arm was burning,bad over all experience.