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1338 Phay Ave, Cañon City, CO 81212, USA
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Consumer feedback about Centura Health-St Thomas More Hospital

Rating: 2 /5

John Jordan

Terrible! My wife went in on Christmas morning. Back pain, coughing, the works... If they would have done some BASIC test like blood and urin samples they would have discovered a urinary track infection. (The reason for the back pain) But all the doc did was listen to her heart and breathing... she was also obviously dehydrated as she did have the flu... duh! we asked for something to drink several times... 2 and a half hours later finally got some water as we were getting ready to checkout... ended up back in urgent care... It’s so true what they say about this place, use only as a last resort if there are no other options. Like you have to crawl to get help and it’s right next door... Personally, I would travel double the distance to Pueblo if I needed care... (Oh, and to be fair, the doctor did order a chest x-ray) As a former EMT I can say it drives me absolutely nuts when a doctor places his stethoscope on your front and back, listens for a moment, and then gives you his diagnosis. That’s like taking your car to an auto mechanic and all they do is listen to it... never mind the oil dripping from the bottom, never mind the smoke blowing out the rear, never mind the water in the oil pan... “sounds ok so everything must be fine” START DEMANDING A BETTER QUALITY OF SERVICE PEOPLE! YOUR PAYING OUT THE BACKSIDE FOR IT!

Rating: 1 /5

Elena Chapman

Usually I can bring my husband here when he gets a pancreatic attack, but this last time on 1/31/18, I brought him in as usual, and we got in back fairly quickly.... that’s where the visit became drastically different from any previous visit. He was left alone for almost an hour before the Rn came to start his Iv. Well he’s not an easy stick, so upon telling her that, she ROLLED HER EYES and said I’ve been doing this a long time, and proceeded to cause as much pain as she could to my husbands arm. Then the Dr sends in some pain medication that is on his allergy list! Did he not even read the chart? Why do we bother with allergy lists if no one but us(the patient) reads it?! What if he had been alone and not aware enough to say hey!! I’m allergic to that! My husband also suffers from epilepsy- so we watch his medication intake VERY CLOSELY!! So this trip, he did not get the care we went for and was disregarded and basically told to leave. Wellnow he’s admitted to a real hospital with real Drs, and they think he’s sick enough to be admitted- even seen and given the time of day. I am appalled at the level of no treatment he received, and as a result, I’m considering legal advice. This used to be our “close to home” hospital...... I don’t want to put my husband through any of that ever again!! I will drive him 3h to Anschutz happily before I take him anywhere else! Really disappointed with this place..... to have always been sooooo caring and reliable- then to be treated like we were troublemakers of worse yet DRUGGIES! It will take a lot to give this place another chance- 👎👎😕

Rating: 1 /5

Jh Construction

I went to this hospital in the middle of the night with cracked ribs. Left with no referral or pain killers to ease my pain till I could see a regular doctor. What a joke its a fake money scheme to me. Cover up stuff to stay running kinda place with the population of canon city not wanting to go to it. It needs a mass lawsuit. So contact me if u are doing one.

Rating: 1 /5

Lorie Landmark

Husband was to have a out paient surgery was told to be there at 9:30 for a 10::00 surgery. When we arrived they told us that we where one and half our late. They did not call to tell us that the time had changed. Would not recommend this hospital, poor service.

Rating: 1 /5

Anna Banna

I have always had positive experiences with this hospital until today. I showed up before my appointment time with radiology. The registration process was so slow, it caused me to miss my appointment. They told me I could wait 4 hours and maybe get me in, OR I could reschedule. I won't be doing either. Canon City has grown and this hospital is not able to keep up with patient loads. If they cannot get a patient registered until 15 minutes past their appointment times, then they should probably hire more people.