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719 Detroit St, Danville, AR 72833, USA
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Consumer feedback about Chambers Memorial Hospital

Rating: 1 /5

Matthew Beahm

Used to live here moved to Rogers ar called them once a week for several weeks to get copies of my medical records got the answering machine every time. left my name contact number never called me back so I drove the 2.5 hours to go in person to get my records and of course I had to spend 30 mins looking for someone the damn place was a ghost town. Bet if I was calling to pay a bill they would have called me back

Rating: 1 /5

Nothing Important

Doctors and nurses from this hospital lied to me the whole time I was here. They also don't know how to read the reports from radiology. If you're not white, don't go to this hospital, they will treat you like trash. Very unprofessional and very racist. My 24 hours there was like hell, Chambers will not transfer me to another hospital for my surgery; they wanted me to die in their hospital. Finally, enough was enough, I had to request for denial of care and left. I went to Mercy in Fort Smith and I had the best experience there, service was great, nurses checked my vitals, etc. as expected from a hospital. Luckily, my appendix did not burst before I arrived at Mercy. If you want to die than go to Chambers Memorial hospital. Go to Chambers at your own risk, stay away. Don't put yourself at risk; go to Mercy in Fort Smith if you can, better service, better people, better doctors. Chambers doesn't deserve a 1 star.

Rating: 1 /5

John Wayne

This hospital just racks up bills for you and still don't fix your illness. THEN...they wait YEARS later to send you a bill for an ungodly amount, even after insurance has paid. Most the time they never send you a bill...they just send it to collections with more fees added!! This has happened several times! The worst clinic and hospital EVER!!! The Doctors are friendly, but never know what's wrong with you, it's always a possible "unknown virus"

Rating: 1 /5

Jamie Merchant

no insurance equals terrible care, hate this place 4 hours i have been here and lab tests taken 2 hrs and then told the doctor will check them any minute the "bed" is the most uncomfortable bed i have ever been on while the nurse and doctor was nice they came in the room maybe 3 times the entire time and every single person that came in after me were helped and released they just rack up bills it seems for anyone uninsured worst part not feeling much better now then when i came in, i am half tempted to walk straight out of the freaking door and never come back!!!!

Rating: 5 /5

Robert Caldwell

Great group of doctors