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540 Litchfield St, Torrington, CT 06790, USA
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Consumer feedback about Charlotte Hungerford Hospital

Rating: 1 /5

Benny Powell

I needed some antibiotics to help me get over bronchitis. I don't have insurance, so I paid one hundred dollars out of pocket. I waited for an hour while they took everyone who came in after me. When I asked why, Amy, the rude, unprofessional, receptionist, told me the other people were more important because of their symptom s. I got my money back and left. If you must go there, lie about your symptoms to get seen faster. Stay away if you can

Rating: 4 /5

DawnLowrey Donaldson

I love the gift store,Always up todate on new arrivals.not just for the patients.i buy alot of gifts throughout the year.lfyou need a gift and don't want to spend alot this is the place to go.Staff very nice.clean.even gift wrap.Summer&Spring items are coming in love to shop here👍

Rating: 1 /5

Luke Edwards

Took my wife to the ER because she had severely painful bloating, vomiting and sulfur burps. They made her take a pregnancy test. She was in so much pain that she had a hard time talking, so I was explaining symptoms to the doctor. He basically ignored me. They took her for a CT scan. Doctor came back and was like "well you are definitely bloated..." Yeah, That was why she was there in the first place. He told us to have our primary care doctor do a stool sample as he didn't want to order the test because results would come back when he wasn't there. 5 hours and no treatment really. Turned out my wife had Guardia, which is what I suspected from a simple Google search. If the doctor had LISTENED TO ME when I explained her symptoms, he probably would have caught it. She is fine now, but that is not the point. The "care" was atrocious.

Rating: 1 /5

Torie Aldrich

My best friend went there, the refused to give her her medication ( heart & bp ) while her bp was 178/132.. they were no help to her at all..when she proceeded to ask for her meds she was approached by security.. she could have seized out or strokes out.. this is not a good hospital i would not go here... it's all to obvious that they do not listen to the patients.

Rating: 1 /5

Carie Schwarzmann

Horrible hospital in my opinion. It was dirty, very unorganized. They have no proper waiting area for crisis center. The dept is under construction and everything is in disarray. The nurses weren't informative what so ever, unless I approached them (an hr later.) The ER's information area is very weird, it's a window like at a drivethrough. No one was very helpful there either, and unless you've been there before it's hard to know what the neck is going on. Once the Dr. finally came in....about 2-2 1/2 hrs later, he was actually pretty nice and helpful. The nurses also tested my daughter for a UTI while she was there, because she was complaining about it. They said test was negative. Well, a week later after she was still complaining about it, we went to the walk in.....sure enough, she has a UTI. So, basically this hospital can't read the results of a simple urine test either....I was very displeased with my experience there, and would never go back.