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Consumer feedback about Chenango Memorial Hospital, Inc

UHS Chenango Memorial Hospital
Reviewed from Google

3.1 out of 5 stars

Donald Moore
Donald Moore

1 out of 5 stars

posted 1 week ago

In July I had a knee replacement by Dr Cicoria. Surgery went well. Dr. Cicoria and staff were very professional and caring. I did have an issue with cellulitis in my lower leg. At that point Dr. Cicoria recommended I see Dr. Brennan to have my leg mapped because the leg was hard and swollen. I made an appointment with Dr. Brennan and sat in the waiting room for about an hour, finally a nurse came out and said the Dr. won't be coming up from Binghamton today. You will have to reschedule. Not sure why it took an hour to notify me. Two months later I finally got to see Dr. Brennan and they scheduled the Map test. Had this done in December.
Had another appointment on March 6, 2019 to find the results of the mapping. Registered as required, gave them my insurance card. My appointment was for 9:30. Waited until 10:30 still did not see the Dr. , decided to leave when a friend of mine arrived and had a 10:30 appt. I left. Later he called me and said he went right in with no wait. He explained to the Dr. that I waited an hour and was told by the Dr. that I had not registered. If I wasn't registered why did I give them the usual information and my Insurance card? Now here we are 7 months after Dr Cicoria recommended this procedure and I still don't have the results. Something at your facility leaves a lot to be desired.

Robert Hunter
Robert Hunter

1 out of 5 stars

posted 2 weeks ago

So this is a review of UHS, so in August of 2018 I back pain and left side hip and leg pain. Went to see my family doctor who said it was a back strain, here some pills. No thanks I need an MRI please because he is a horrible lazy doctor. Turns out by spine was bone on bone.
Referred to orthopedics, right around the corner. Meet with a PA talk about results and recommend surgery by a local doctor who is supposed to be a good spine doctor. They want to schedule surgery right away. I'm like can I meet the doctor who will operate? They tell me yes. Never met the doctor, not even sure he performed surgery on me, for all I know ow and how I feel it was probably the maintenance man. So in my opinion, Doctor Rudolph Buckley is a joke that I never met and will only meet in court, PA Kristen Menard another joke, and my family doctor Wood a lazy greedy doctor who cares less about his patients.
Surgery was on February 7th, they tried to give me a medication I am allergic to, the nurse anesthesis asked if they used a little will it be ok? Like a little won't kill me as fast from anaphlanaphy reaction.
After surgery again poor care by the nurses, couldn't explain why I had three IVs hanging out of me instead of the one I went in to surgery with. They rarely checked on me and I .the evening I rang every nurse bell I could find because I had to urinate. No response and couldn't hold it so it just started coming out. I then later in my own urine for over an hour, pushing buttons, screaming, taking to facebook live to prove the point, and the sleepy nurses came in after I called to the ER to get assistance. Real good CMH and was told by the head nurse Wendy that the call Bella don't work because the beds are rejects from Wilson hospital. Also while layingn my own urine a young nurse thought it was funny and began laughing and asked her to leave. The it's explained they don't do bed checks because they want the patients to sleep, yeah ok either your mean your entire nursing staff is sleeping or just plain lazy. Bed checks should be required, who knows maybe someone needs help and your nurse bells don't work, wonder how many people besides me had to suffer or even worse died because of no bed checks.
Then I request to leave AMA because I want to feel safe, and go to another hospital. I ask the charge nurse for her to call Doctor Buckley because I wanted to leave and go to a better hospital. She tells me if I do that stay I will have to pay for everything out of pocket. Biggest medical lie ever, and a form of bullying to get you to stay. They should have went charged worh false imprisonment, and the low about paying, hey you ignorant people at CMH try showing me one person who had to pay, and I called my insurance and they told me I wouldn't have had to pay, that they would have to explain it to the insurance company why a patient who had spinal fusion wanted to leave and was coerced to stay. I still insist she call the doctor.
Nope get Kristen Menard lacky PA who tells me the same thing I would have to pay. Tell her to educate herslef and it's not true. I don't get discharged ama like I ask, they never call the ever Absent and unknown doctor Buckley. Would have been nice to talk to the guy that supposedly did surgery, but junk he wasn't even in the building, and the PA kept saying how much work she had to do on my back.
So if you encountered anything like I did please do like I did. Report them to NYS department of health, insurance fraud, the ama, joint commission on hospitals and a malpractice attorney. I will most certainly keep you all updated and please if you have to go here bring someone with you for a witness I did this time and can't wait to see what happens.

fudge meister
fudge meister

1 out of 5 stars

posted 3 months ago

I had orthopedic surgery by Dr. Thomas Fitzpatrick. BIG MISTAKE! He performed what was supposed to be a simple operation on a torn tendon in my arm. End result, he screwed up & I have extensive nerve damage & a reduction of blood flow in that arm. My hand is totally numb & I have pain all the time. Neurologists tell me the hand may never come back. I really want to give ZERO Stars!

Alyssa Eichler
Alyssa Eichler

1 out of 5 stars

posted 2 months ago

If I could no stars I would went to the er Tuesday the dr on call Brenda had misdiagnosed me flu was negative but I went there bc my chest was tight and my upper back was killing me so she told me it was viral she claimed the pain continued to the point I couldn’t move went back up come to find out I have Pneumonia in my lung and I was dehydrated will not b seen by her ever again thank u to the night crew for all they did but fast track sucked well at least Brenda did


1 out of 5 stars

posted 8 months ago

NEVER go here! I would give a negative if I could. Horrendous hospital. I have yet to have a positive experience. It's hard to say whether a nurse is good or not, because they can't keep staff. I went here for the birth of my two kids (I tried to transfer with my second child and they trapped me).
Doctor white is rude with NO respect or bedside manner. Doctor Breslau doesn't know anything proper. Doctor Corey is good but losing his touch as the place withers him down.

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