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Consumer feedback about Chesapeake General Hospital

Bonnie Plantier
Bonnie Plantier

5 out of 5 stars

posted 3 months ago

The staff in the ER (the only place we went before they sent us to Norfolk General) were terrific! They were polite, attentive, knowledgeable, caring and just good at what they do. So grateful for their abilities and desire to help and save lives!


1 out of 5 stars

posted 1 week ago

I'm am a health care professional from another state. I had to come here twice and each time I have come it's just gotten worse. The hospital is dirty the staff is rude and un-caring. I know the ER has turned into more of an primary care office for most people so yes staff gets burnt out with the volume of patients, however they need to learn to listen and communicate better. Being away from home is already hard enough with a chronic illness, but I've always treated my patients like they could be a family member. Treat your patients well its someone's mother father etc. So this experience has been very disappointing.

Cammie Kingrea
Cammie Kingrea

3 out of 5 stars

posted 2 months ago

No one communicates with anyone. Not even nurses, doctors to patient. We were told my husband wouldn't get better unless he got up and walked. But he's not supposed to get up without help. In 1and a half days no one has come to help him walk.
Not as sanitary as it should be. They give you bottle to pee in ...rinse it out and sit it by your food. And I have pictures.
Someone did come and speak to us. Hope things improve...

Maureen Moe
Maureen Moe

2 out of 5 stars

posted 4 months ago

I'm giving two stars because for years I've always been treated respectfully by staff, nurses, doctors, etc., whenever my children or myself have ever used the "Chesapeake General ER." That used to be my go to ER.
I suffer from chronic pain. I have multiple herniated disks, sciatica, DDD, arthritis & 3 slipped disks on my spine. I'm too young to have to struggle with issues like this but this is what life has handed me. Anyone who struggles with these issues understands the daily pain that we go through and when we get severe flair ups, we contemplate even going to a hospital because we fear of the judgment of not being taken seriously for a chronic pain, such as I have because it is not something that can be physically seen. So doctors tend to not believe us or think that we are lying. And that is what I have personally experienced at the "Chesapeake General Hospital ER," the last few times that I was there. It's absolutely humiliating and degrading because I am there for help/relief and NOTHING MORE! I would only turn to "Chesapeake General ER" when I was at my breaking point & I could no longer take the pain anymore. I will no longer go to "Chesapeake General ER" because they no longer provide me with the care that I truly need. I hate to ever ask ANYONE for help with my pain but there are time's that I truly have no other choice & if I cannot receive the care that I actually need, when I am truly in need of it, then I will no longer reach out to this hospital for help. I will never be embarrassed or made to be looked at as if I'm there for more then just help. I physically struggle getting to the hospital in the first place because of the amount of pain that I am in, to only have to turn around struggling, go back home, in the exact excruciating pain that I came to the hospital with in the first place. It's not fair to me and to the other people who struggle with daily chronic pain. We are now, more than ever being pushed away and made to feel as though we are the bad people, all because we are asking for help or in desperate need for some kind of relief. I left "Chesapeake ER" last time with a prescription for Motrin, which I could have easily pickup at any pharmacy. I waited over five hours for something that I could have easily gotten in five minutes. There has got to be a way to figure out how to help people who truly suffer with severe chronic pain. I have personally known people who have taken their own lives because of the amount off pain that they were in & doctors DO NOT SEEM TO NO LONGER CARE! "Chesapeake General ER" has now become that hospital.
I am currently sitting here in bed, crying, posting this review, in so much pain, a pain that is causing me to painfully struggle to even get out of bed and allow me to be the mother that I need to be for my children. I know for a fact because of my past experiences with "Chesapeake General Hospital" that if I get up to go to their ER, the Doctors will only push me away, hand me a prescription of something, such as Motrin and send me on my way, only feeling the exact same way that I did going into the hospital. What's terribly sad is we can NO LONGER rely on the Doctors, who we were ALWAYS told growing up and still are told as adults, "that we can trust, rely & turn to the doctors that promised us, by taking an oath that they will provide us with the best medical care possible." ESPECIALLY when we are in desperate times of need. It's really, truly sad and now my children will grow up never knowing if they are getting the proper care that they need. And as a mother that is terrifying to me. "Chesapeake General Hospital ER," really needs to pull it together and help the people who are truly in need of help. I wish you all could go back to how you all used to be.

Marie Inneo
Marie Inneo

1 out of 5 stars

posted 1 month ago

The best thing that could happen to Chesapeake is if someone burnt this building to the ground and replaced it with a parking lot. WORST HOSPITAL in Hampton Roads, if not the State. And the food is INEDIBLE.

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