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Consumer feedback about Cheshire Medical Center

Rating: 5 /5

Cassy Page

The ER and main hospital have all provided excellent care for my mother-in-law each and every time she has come to this warm and friendly hospital. Thank you to all the nurses and doctors, specialists, as well as the kitchen, cleaning staff, registration, billing and everyone behind the scenes that makes this place run so smoothly and with such care.

Rating: 1 /5

Jentri Jollimore

[Edited] Every time I deal with this place I can feel my life get shorter. It's hard as a patient to navigate the insurance system - and I realize that it is hard on the staff at CMC, too. But it would be nice to feel as if they are on our side and advocating for us, the patients. Like we're in this together. Instead they respond with the same frustration as we do, only they are directing it towards us. I've been made to feel like a bothersome pest when all I'm trying to do is get myself care and treatment.

Rating: 1 /5

Mitchell Vaughn

We are new to the area, we took our 9 year old daughter here, because she was very sick.... this hospital took her blood pressure and temperature, they said that she was running a fever of 103, after tell us this they made us wait in the lobby for over an hour, I was very shocked, because where we come from if you are sick or dying they will take it very serious and help right away, not this hospital they will make you wait.....I'm thinking about reporting this hospital because they take to long to get you in, if you are dying or sick please don't go to this hospital go to brattleboro vt or Lebanon....... this is a bandage hospital only, we need to stand up here in this community and have this hospital realize that they need to better there staff and doctors or shut this hospital down....we need to feel safe in our community when coming to this hospital, not be scared because they take to long to see you......

Rating: 1 /5

Daniel Taillon

I'd give no stars if I could. Personal and private situation I can go into detail with but we nurses are mean and rude, doctors are a joke. 3 days in the hallway of the er and no help and just sent my daughter want to waste your time go to keene. What a joke.

Rating: 1 /5

Heather Fischer

Crappy service and rude staff for one but for two as I'm sitting here writing this review there is an employee of the hospital sitting right across from me talking about patients using said patients full name! What happened to patient privacy????? This isn't the first time I've seen an employee talking about patients using full name and what's wrong with them and what meds they are on!!!!! Won't be returning to the hospital or the walk in cuz I don't want my privacy and medical history talked about in public cuz my medical history is nobody's business but mine! Cheshire hospital needs to smarten the f*** up!!!!!! Oh and hire ppl who actually care about patients and their health not just give them an aspirin and say they're fine!