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Consumer feedback about Cheyenne Va Medical Center

Zoomie Nimbus
Zoomie Nimbus

5 out of 5 stars

posted 1 month ago

10 years can tell a lot -- Cheyenne VA is dedicated to Veteran health and welfare.. period. Not perfect, but always ascending there. Staff always professional and competent, helpful and willing. Make vets feel appreciated. My intro to this VA campus was for cancer diagnosis and treatment... still here.
Well done.

Frederick Hofmann
Frederick Hofmann

5 out of 5 stars

posted 3 months ago

I have received care from the VA Medical Center several times over the years last eight (8) years.
My care has been nothing less than exceptional!
This facility has the best staff of medical professionals and administrators. And it rivals some of best civilian hospitals for patient care. Please take note of this point - I live 50 miles away from this medical center but would drive much further than that to be treated there!

Rick A Hyatt
Rick A Hyatt

5 out of 5 stars

posted 1 month ago

I was extremely frightened of the VA because of what happened to me after a very painful and unneeded hernia surgery was performed on me in 1977 at SHAPE HQ Hospital in Mons, Belgium. It had been hypnotically suggested to me that I should get one there, a matter of how I was used as an espionage operative. During the procedure, a disinformation campaign was mounted that in the surgical staff was ordered to wait outside while men in suits came in. I was ordered "Not to breathe a word," and a hand was placed over my mouth. A clamp was used in the inguinal opening to clamp on a nexus of nerves to cause a great deal of pain, and I was told I'd feel that pain if anyone ever mentioned to me the name of my Agent Handler, CIA Dir. GHWB, or "Intelligence" in any way. "The Man With Small Feet" directed this operation.
I was told to go to the VA in about 10 years, as they'd "Sewn it up too tight and ask for a tuneup surgery."
I did, and found myself before HI Judge Richard Komo on false gun registration charges, and three years of hearings, unemployed, as each was preempted by the Prosecutor demanding my "Commitment." It seems the VA doctor, Dr. Pittenger, hoped to find damaging homosexually-related blackmail material on my former Agent Handler, and they wished to interrogate me in a hospital setting. I think you get my drift.
Well, I refused to be interrogated, my military orders as given to me, and Judge Komo threw me into MCCC until I broke. Homosexuality was the main interrogatory theme with the other prisoners there, as was it again here, in another false incarceration, in Wyoming, Dick Cheney Land. Finally I hurt my back and agreed to go to TAMC, where I could hopefully talk to an Army Officer with a security clearance.
Capt. Timothy Berigan not only had me sign promotion papers, but ordered me to stay married to my cover wife, my field agent handler, for a set time. A covert intestinal biopsy was done for future disability proof of my Celiac's Disease (How I am used as a covert MI agent), but the Army continues to say they can't find my medical records "Because they're being held by an unknown agency," so I remain impoverished.
A VA doctor, Dr. Pittenger, obviously wanted to have me committed to a hospital setting, where medically based interrogation could take place. And the APA, the Powers Who Be with the VA, could find desired seemingly homosexually-related blackmail material on the CIA Director. There were many a false orchestration to that effect, and the known-to-be-incoming Clinton and Obama infiltrators swallowed it all hook, line, and sinker. Now they roast over the hot coals, and there will be more...
I update this 2/19 as President Trump drains the Swamp and I'm about to be pulled in out of the Cold.
So, finally, a local eye doctor suggested I go to the local VA clinic for cataract removal and hearing aids, which really improved my quality of life. where things have truly changed from that modology. I've been treated with respect, decency, and forthrightness.

Samantha Snyder
Samantha Snyder

2 out of 5 stars

posted 2 months ago

My husband and I, who is a vet and attends this location,are extremely hurt and frustrated.
Dr.Daskivich, who was in charge of giving my husband a PTSD exam was entirely dismissive,unsympathetic and untruthful in his report and to my husband. He construed that my husband "smelled like what seemed like tobacco smoke" when he DOES NOT SMOKE AT ALL.

He also brought up alcohol several times during said exam,even when my husband repeatedly told him that he stopped drinking years ago.My husband is Hispanic,and felt that was a part of said doctor's assumptions. The doctor painted my husband as a liar,and dismissed his PTSD as non-existent-yet he actually has been diagnosed with Chronic PTSD,and says so on his file. He also refused to give my husband his card, and had his name crossed out of the report.

I know that a C&P examiner is supposed to be fair and unbiased-they are supposed to read his complete file, and fairly administer tests and listen to said Veteran...but we feel like this was not the case. We feel- strongly, that the doctor actively tried to discredit him, so his results would be unfavourable. I was in the mind set that the VA honored and respected our Veterans, but it seems like the exact opposite-my husband is distraught,hurt and frustrated by this doctor's assumptions and inaccuracies. We feel helpless.

If it wasn't for people like Andy, who is my husband's social worker and Michelle,who works for the Patient Advocates-wonderful,kind people who respect and honor our Vets, I would give a one star review.

Scot Simons Jr
Scot Simons Jr

5 out of 5 stars

posted 9 months ago

I want to thank the VA for getting my life back on track. I got on here way back gave them a bad rating. But I tell you what, the DAV has been tremendous in help and support. Medical side has gotten better. Also want to thank all higher ups for meeting with me and getting me squared away, I deeply appreciate it. Again thank you Cheyenne VA for what you are getting done. God Bless....

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