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6901 N 72nd St, Omaha, NE 68122, USA
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Consumer feedback about Chi Health Immanuel

Rating: 5 /5

Jim Neumann

It's a very good hospital. Staff and office person all were helpful, nice, friendly. The cafeteria is awful. Contract workers.

Rating: 5 /5

Debbie MacLeod

I had surgery and am on my 4th day here. I have no complaints at all. The staff and Drs are wonderful.

Rating: 1 /5

Audrey Chaney

This use to be the only hospital i went to in omaha ne but im starting to think twice about it.. I been going here since a infant and even had my first child here but lately the help here really sucks, the receptionist at the er are very rude and unpleasent and dont look like they should even be in the medical field. Now the doctors are very polite, friendly, and helpful. But it takes more than 2 hours to even get your vitals taken then who knows how much longer to get back in a room, i watched 3 people get called back before me and i was here a good 30 minutes before all 3 of them. Then on a differwnt occasion they didnt even take me in a private room for vitals they came out in waiting room and did them and then had doctor come out there also and just give me a perscription for anti-biotics they never even actually seen me or diagnosed me. Then they are terrible at keeping your privacy, they wont let u close room doors and if u do close it they will come in and go back our and leave it open. I probably will be finding me a different hospital from now on, it truely upsets me that they have went down hill so mich after merging with CHI Health.

Rating: 3 /5

Kent Peters

Unfortunately, the evolution of the local hospital systems in Omaha has meant increasing bureaucracy, bloated budgets and "lean" style restructuring of the employees workload. Immanuel hospital back prior to the Alegient Health days was a great place to work and to be hospitalized. There was a family atmosphere on the staff and for visitors, it showed. Once conglomeration started, it all went down hill and now within it's latest manifestation, it is only a small player in a "system" of hospitals which is very impersonal and doesn't necessarily have the best interests of the local Omaha patients or staff in mind. They are trying desperately to maintain an identity, but with rapid turnover of staff and the inability to keep the confidence of the medical staff particularly, the only hope for IMC is a hard reboot of some type. Just another symptom of the spiral toward a one payer system.

Rating: 3 /5

kiley shinkle

It's not the best of hospitals, it appears a little under staffed at times and could definitely use an update. Especially the equipment used but, it's close and get the job done if you're in need.