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About Chi St Luke’s Health Baylor College of Medicine

Chi St Luke’s Health Baylor College of Medicine is a non-profit, general hospital founded in 1945. The 850-bed hospital has the largest cardiac catheterization laboratory in the world with more than 10,000 diagnostic and therapeutic procedures performed each year. The Transplant Center, one of the largest in the world, has performed more than 1,450 heart transplantations since 1975. It is also the first hospital in Texas and the Southwest designated a Magnet hospital for Nursing Excellence by the American Nurses Credentialing Center.
Chi St Luke’s Health Baylor College of Medicine is specialized in
cardiovascular care, orthopedics, digestive disorders, neuroscience, urology, oncology, and transplantation.

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Becki Borth

My husband had a kidney transplant here 5/18/2019. He returned for 42 days and was discharged on 8/1/2019. Fortunately it was for a intestine situation. I cannot say enough about floor 25; the liver and kidney transplants floor. These nurses are the best of the best. Always kind, caring, making sure all of us knew what was happening. They are most definitely family to David, myself and our family. We were valued and were treated as if we were their only patient. I never saw one nurse go on break, comment about their long hours or days. I am a ex-nurse and I always know what to look for and each time he is either in the hospital or general office visits. You can be sure that I give you the highest rating and wish it had a thousand stars for me to mark. KEEP UP THE INCREDIBLE GREAT AND ON GOING WORK. Thank you for hiring perfect people.

Marielou Agno

Previous employee for 28yrs. Senior Pharmacy billing specialist. Excellent job, special co worker and Pharmacist are friendly smart and professional. Bck then. 2012 I love this special place. God speed.n thanks.

Xochitl Cassagne

Earlier this week, my 85 year old father was suffering from severe neck and right hand pain, so my mom took him to the ER. The first unprofessional encounter started there. He was disoriented when he arrived. After a while, my mom asked what could be wrong with him. The nurse told her it could be an infection or Alzheimer's! No nurse has the right to diagnose a patient in such a lightly manner or diagnose him period! Once admitted, he had to have a CAT Scan done. The technicians were less than careful to say the least. When the three techs transferred him to the other gurney they just dropped him. The beds were not even so his head hit the bed and there was no support for his neck! This made his pain even worse. He told them to please be careful, but they didn't even acknowledge him. The same happened when he was brought back to his room. All we heard from the nurse and social worker was, "I'm so sorry," when my mother complained to them. This does not amend my father's excrutiating pain and tears for hurting so much and being scared. Him crying like a scared little boy broke our hearts! In the end, he was diagnosed with kidney dehydration. His neck and hand pain was never addressed despite our questions. St. Luke's has gone downhill very quickly. Their staff lacks bedside manner, they act like they're doing us a favor and are lazy. To you he may be another chart, to us he's our loving father, our blood our everything! You are a sorry excuse for a hospital!

Claudine Smith

I was confined in here because I met an accident. Thank you very much! Everyone is so friendly and I am very thankful you are in this area to care for us when we need you. Your hours you are available are wonderful. The Doctors, nurses & staff are professional and very thorough.

Gia Garcia

Prior to traveling to the Med-Center I called the medical records department to ensure possession of my records the same day. I was informed after signing the release that would be able to obtain my records within 15 minutes. The way leading to the medical records department is very explicit, however once in the medical records department I didn’t know where to go to obtain my records. As you can see in the photos, no signs are posted pointing out a particular door to enter. I saw a door with hours of operation posted and knocked on the door because I saw a badge was required to enter. The door eventually opened to chuckling and staff members gathered at the door anxiously awaiting the person coming in. I was informed by the gentleman that their system had been down all day and the information would be FedEx to me next day once the system is up. Completely no one was going to tell me the door was unlocked the entire time until I asked.