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Consumer feedback about Children'S Hosp of Los Angeles

Rating: 1 /5

Yesenia Manzo

Worst emergency room eveeeeeer!!!! The front emergency room department is a joke in this hospital. I’m currently sitting in the waiting room since 10:00pm it’s now 1:27pm and I’m still waiting! I brought my son here because he has a fever that I haven’t been able to break. Ibuprofen doesn’t seem to help my son and since our regular doctor is closed then we decided to come here, big mistake. I got here and explained to the nurse what was wrong with my son, she then proceeded to tell me to have a seat and wait and someone should call me soon. I sat and waited for 45 minutes and no one called me. I got up and asked the nurse to please check my sons temperature since he felt hot and I didn’t have a thermometer with me, she said that she COULDN'T check his temperature!!!! I explained to her that I didn’t have a thermometer and I needed to know his temperature before I gave him ibuprofen. The front desk nurse again told me that she couldn’t check his temperature and to have a seat. I told her that i needed to talk to her supervisor and she told me to have a seat on the yellow chairs and wait for her supervisor to come and talk to me. I called the hospital while I waited for the supervisor and I talked to someone in the emergency department WHILE I was at the emergency department 🙄 The nurse (Yolanda) on the phone told me to request that my sons temperature be checked, I explained to her that I had already done that and the receptionist/nurse told me to that she couldn’t do that. The nurse on the phone reassured me that they can check my sons temperature and to request a temperature check again. At that moment the supervising nurse (Katrina) finally showed up and I hung up the phone with the nurse. I explained to the supervising nurse what was going on and she also told me that they don’t check temperatures! I explained to her that I had just gotten of the phone with the nurse and that she told me to request that my sons temperature be taken, at that point the supervising nurse looked annoyed (very unprofessional) and told me that she could check his temperature and that was all she could do. I told her that was fine and she then told me to follow her to a triage room where she checked my sons temperature, it was 102.7 !!!! She also checked his weight and sent me out in to the waiting room. I waited for 1 1/2 (it was 12:00pm at that time) hours more until they finally called me in to the triage. The triage nurse (Alexa) took my sons temperature and blood pressure. Then she told me that she could only give my son Tylenol and sent me to wait in the lobby again. I refused the Tylenol and asked to talk to a supervisor since I was fed up with the care and service at this point. Very unprofessional behavior from the nurses here. I’m STILL waiting for the supervisor and it’s 1:55 pm! This emergency room is a joke and I recommend that you don’t bring your kids here. Oh and did I mention that a coworker walked in with her sick son and she was seen by Alexa and put in to a room in under 15 minutes!!!!! Wow How is that even possible?? So I have to work here in order to be seen quickly by a doctor? I’m filling a complaint, not that they’ll do anything about it.....

Rating: 5 /5

Melissa Salguero

This is the best best hospital! I brought my son here and they treated him as there own! All the nurses, doctors and staff are all so kind and generous and helpful!!! They made dam sure that my baby was alright every hour of the day, they respond really quickly too! No long waiting! The place is very clean! Definitely a great hospital👌

Rating: 5 /5

Mykael Campbell

My son was in and out of this hospital for a year and I can't imagine a better place for him. These people know him and took the time to understand his needs as well as mine and my concerns. They have brought my son back from the brink of death a few times and I am so grateful to these people. Of course there are a few nurses who have holier than thou attitudes but you can always request a different one if it bothers you to that extent. These people are amazing and I am so grateful to and for them!!!!!

Rating: 5 /5

rainbow snout

Ive had most of my interactions with the hematology department. They are simply the best. I feel very supported by their team in every aspect be it medical, mental, and social. I definitely recommend.

Rating: 1 /5

David Jackson

I would give this hospital zero stars worst experience I've ever had with a hospital I would not recommend it for anyone Providence hospital in mission hills is much better. My daughter was in nicu here for three months it was a horrible experience bad customer service rude nurses. I will never support this hospital at all parents beware. I wouldn't give Children's Hospital of Los Angeles a dime and will never put my children there.