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Consumer feedback about Childrens Hospital Colorado

Rating: 5 /5

Elizabeth Rubino

The wait for the room and some of the staff was a little long but overall well worth the wait. The staff was so friendly and so kind and so comforting to both me and my child. The doctor's were knowledgeable and understanding and didn't mind explaining things to me if I needed a little extra. They took excellent care of my kiddo and the staff was so unbelievably sweet. I'll drive the extra 40 minutes to go to this campus due to the care provided and the kindness shown. I appreciated everything you guys did for us!

Rating: 2 /5

Leah Gentile

I’d like to start by saying the hospital is trying to improve, however they have a long way to go. I’ve been working with this hospital for many years for my son who has autism. One doctor was amazing and he left. One psychiatrist we worked with was helpful as well. Everyone else I have worked with has so much to learn. Their answers are always the same, “take him to the ER, or call 911”. He has autism people, there’s nothing the ER can do and calling 911 will not help either, I did try both. The inpatient autism ward does the same routine with all the kids and they broke my sons finger, slamming it in the door trying to force him in the “safe room”. In my experience they DO NOT understand autism, do not trust them with your child. Like I said they are trying to improve. Hope they figure it out.

Rating: 2 /5

Aaron Russell

Daughter was sent here for dental surgery. Everything went fine until we started receiving our bill. Long story short they only billed our medical insurance not dental. After Several phone calls (months apart and still receiving bills) I am told they will not bill my dental insurance because they don't see themselves as a dental office. I ask to get a statement of service so that I can submit it to our dental insurance myself. Months pass (never receiving the requested statement) and I receive another bill this time saying that I will be sent to collections on X date. When I call this time they say they will resend the statement but I will still be sent to collections unless I set up a payment plan. DO NOT GO HERE FOR DENTAL RELATED ISSUES!

Rating: 5 /5

Tiffany . O'Neil

My son had to be airlifted here from Sheridan, WY in (what we now know) to be adrenal crisis, caused by undiagnosed Addison’s Disease. Since the moment we arrived, I couldn’t imagine a better place given the situation. It was a very scary time, but all the staff was incredible. From the Dr.’s and nurses, to the cleaning & kitchen staff! Everything was as good as it could be. There is so much going on every day for the kids! My son did as much as his energy would allow. This place is magic in a sea of terrible circumstances. I can’t imagine anybody having a bad experience here; but I would imagine what they put out has a lot to do with it. We were so grateful to everybody. Even had a wonderful woman come educate us on how to give my son his emergency injections etc. I know we will unfortunately be back here due to complications with my sons evolving disease. But I’m happy to know he will be taken care of!! Just 10 out of 10!!! Side note; food here is unbelievable!!!!!!!!

Rating: 1 /5

Ron Rust

My son had many GI problems and in out opinion was never treated well or helped. Hearing it has gotten better I was optimistic and called the nurse advise line. Explained my son's GI history and his current status. Was not told it was over an hour wait for a call back, he had a serious medical condition as explained when I called! Nothing has changed, so totally disappointed in this hospital