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Consumer feedback about Children'S Hospital Nmc

Rating: 5 /5

Mitchel Grendel

Love the staff at this place. All of the nurses and doctors work well with the kid patients. My child has no fear going here. The clinics work hard to fit you into a booked schedule. The onsite lab is fast. The parking attendants do a great job cramming cars into the parking lot and getting you out safely.

Rating: 2 /5

Aaliyah Samuel

I would have to say that the overall care was great. However the ER is filthy and I mean filthy. From the bathrooms, the chairs in the sitting rooms, the wagons for the kids and the rooms. Speaking of rooms I didn’t mind so much that they had us 3 to a room but when they brought in an entire family that had the flu into the room where my son was being evaluated for GI issues I couldn’t believe it. Why would you put a contagious child in a room with 2 other kids who are being seen for other health issues without the flu? On the upshot the staff was great from the X-ray techs, nurses resident and attending doctor. The filth was just too much and the horrible unhealthy cafeteria food. We won’t be back - we will go to INOVA’s children - smaller, cleaner and great doctors .

Rating: 1 /5

mariame kaba

This place is a disgrace. It has the most disorganized ER I have ever been to. My daughter had a fever and was vomiting so I brought her in to be seen. After being there for almost 5 hours and 90% of the people that came after me being seen, i decided to ask a nurse when the doctor was going to see my daughter. She told me very rudely that I have been called. Me and the other patients are bewildered because that is not true. Plus she just rudely left without giving any information on when we will be seen. I decided to leave and go to a different place. I will never go back there.

Rating: 1 /5

Christopher Pearson

We had premature identical twin girls at Holy Cross Silver Spring. Lab tests at birth showed possibly issue with blood so we were sent after discharge to children's national to see specialists. Apparently this whole issue was deemed an emergency and so we took it very seriously and went as soon as we were contacted. Once arrived, it took hours to see anyone at genetics unit. From there, little was explained that made any sense and we were then sent to a whole different part of the hospital to have blood drawn. Not withstanding all of the issues up until this point, the blood drawing was a "horrific" experience. We were greeted by long lines at a general blood drawing wing and told we were to wait until our name was called. These were very premature infants surrounded by sick patients at a general hospital setting. Let alone an emergency situation which required our immediate presence over 25 miles away from our home just days after a preterm birthing process. I politely asked to be expedited but was refused and told we had to wait like everyone else. After another full hour we finally were able to have the blood drawn. And yet the person who drew the blood did not appear to be well trained or prepared to draw blood from premature infants nor were the facilities or equipment set up for this procedure. Still, he tried in vein (no pun intended) to draw blood. The children were screaming, I was frightened, my father-in-law was frightened, even the specialist drawing the blood was concerned and eventually had to ask for help. Total time at hospital over 7 hours to see a specialist and draw blood for special urgent care they requested and were supposed to be prepared for. I'm not saying that it wasn't worth getting the blood drawn to rule out any major medical conditions of birth with my new girls, but the overall experience was the worst I've ever had in a medical setting and I would not recommend anyone go to children's national unless it's an absolute emergency. And even in that situation please understand that the system is highly burdened, staff tend to be quite disorganized, and management is nowhere to be seen. I hope and pray your experience proves this review otherwise.

Rating: 1 /5

Lubna Raza

AS A MOTHERS ADVICE PLEASE DONT BRING YOUR CHILD HERE !!!! This place is only a MONEY MAKING business...they done give a damn about your child !!!!! My son was circumcised this past Thursday in urology with Dr.Aaron Krill. my son was discharged from recovery while he was screaming on top of his lungs.. the nurses kept telling me it's the environment and the anesthesia they gave him during surgery that's making him uncomfortable.. We got home and my son continued to cry for hours. I called the recovery nurse who was helpful and she paged and emailed the dr to call me back, But no response. My son cried for 9 hours straight that day !!!. A student resident who was on call kept calling me back he was helpful. But as a parent I need to speak with the Dr who did his surgery. ***** if this place was not for money making business the Dr would have called me back regardless of if he was on call or not **** At 10pm I took him to the ER close to my house because he had not urinated.. as soon as i took him to the ER 4 nurses and 1 doctor jumped right on to my son because after his circumcision the Dr had wrapped his penis in layers and layers of sports tape which was wrapped so tightly that he couldn't pee. My son's pubic area was dark purple , green and super swollen.. The ER doctor tried to get a hold of the Dr who did the surgery and there was no sign of him... Please as a mother's advice don't take your children here. They are only here to make money of of your insurance... They don't care for the wellbeing your child !!!.