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Consumer feedback about Chippewa County Hospital

Holley Franklin
Holley Franklin

3 out of 5 stars

posted 4 months ago

Been here many times and it's an adequate facility for clinic, hospital, or er needs.

Blake Pederson
Blake Pederson

2 out of 5 stars

posted 7 months ago

My son (2 yrs old) is prone to ear infections and was running a low grade fever so I took him to urgent care just to be safe. We drove 45 mins to this clinic and waited 2.5 hrs before we saw a Dr. In the mean time a nurse took my son’s vitals, came back and said they wanted to test him for influenza, RSV and Strep - at this point no one had looked in his throat, ears, listened to his chest, ect. I have 3 kids and I have never had a Dr. order tests prior to examining my children and assessing to see if there is a need to run tests. We waited 1.5 hrs after the tests were taken before a Dr. came in to examine my son. Test all came back negative and Dr. clinically didn’t see anything concerning and said it was viral. Although we are greatful that nothing was seriously wrong with our child. I feel like the patient should be examined prior to ordering possibly unnessary tests. It was apparent to me that pt care is not a top priority at this clinic/hospital. We left feeling taken advantage of and that our child was just a $ sign they were collecting payment on. I will be contacting my insurance to make them aware several tests were ordered prior to my child being examined by a Dr.


1 out of 5 stars

posted 1 year ago

My daughter was admitted to the ER in the morning with signs of a heart problem. After they've done a couple of tests and found nothing wrong, they let her go home. (She was at MN for work, so she went to a hotel).Next day she returned back to the ER with a really bad pain, so they did a few more tests, the results were good and she was told that they really need to do an ultrasound, but they don't have people who can do it, so they let her go home, which is in Sioux Falls SD...They told her to schedule an appointment for the ultrasound here, in Sioux Falls! My opinion they don't have a right to call the place "ER" ! They have to help patients, they must to have all the specialists and staff all the time in case of emergency because IT IS an emergency room! How do they plan to save peopl's lives without Ned personal?? I just CAN'T BELIEVE IT! This is a FOUR HOUR drive and they let her go! Along! After 9pm! AND the hospital will send a huge bill to pay for checking a few things, not been able to check the rest because of luck of ultrasound tech, sending very week and ill young girl on the trip....All that sounds very sad, I would not want to hear that about nurses and other medical staff, no trust What if this person will die on the road? Any responsibility ?? :( If you have a chance please go to a different medical facility!