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410 Vanity Fair Ave, Butler, AL 36904, USA
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Consumer feedback about Choctaw General Hospital

Rating: 3 /5

clang theo

This is a bullet wound and Band-Aid hospital, meaning, if you need patching up, it will more than suffice. If it's life or death, keep driving to Meridian or Mobile. My mother went with a severe case of what was later diagnosed with pneumonia. The ER doctor on call told her she had the common cold and she would be better within 7-10 days. He told her there was nothing he could do for her. She was having trouble breathing all night, so she went to the doctor in the morning (this ER trip was on a Sunday night) and her pulse oxygen level was in the 80's and she was extremely ill. The problem with this hospital is that it is a remote outpost in a tiny town. Doctor's get shuffled about and shipped in on call from Mobile, never know what quality of healthcare you are going to get. There are some great nurses, but it's a gamble using this hospital for anything life-threatening, and a dangerous one at that.

Rating: 1 /5

Lori Stout

My 18 year old son fell down a 20 foot cliff after 8 weeks of having his tendons and ligaments reattached in his ankle. His ankle was swelled 3 times the normal size and he was screaming in pain. I was in Clarke County with his insurance card. They sat him in the waiting room and REFUSED to allow him to see a doctor before I got there with his insurance card. I called and tried to give them the number over the phone and told her I was on my way with the card. She still refused to allow him to be seen before she had the insurance card. After driving an hour to get there she told me she had two ambulances pull in after my son got there and it could be up to 3 hours before they got him back. I put him in my car and drove him to Grove Hill Memorial Hospital and got service with a smile.

Rating: 3 /5

Anthony Dukes

I would only go to this very small hospital for minor things. They are ill equipped for trauma. Go to meridian if your life is in danger...

Rating: 1 /5

Edward Palwick

Terrible, lousy, rude... the cafeteria workers treat customers as though they are doing the customer a REAL favor in just being there behind the counter. The day I went in @ about 1 PM, there was Panko Tilapia on the menu. THAT was the ONLY edible meat they had and, OF COURSE, they had run out BEFORE 1 PM!!! I told them that they should have more on hand when they have something that good on the menu, but got stonewalled by such comments as "well... we ran out... you should have gotten here earlier.... you should show us some respect here...." WHAT????? I then told them that they should have AT LEAST 50 servings on hand for something like that, and asked them had they sold 50 pcs already by 1 PM???... and still more rude comments came forth from the counter staff.. and even after they walked away into the kitchen, I could here them muttering about I should have some respect and etc. etc,... Respect for WHAT, I ask??? Stupidity?? Lack of concern for customers wants and needs??? Lack of respect for PAYING customers??? I felt like I was in an Army Boot Camp Mess Hall or somewhere similar, NOT a brand new (only 3 years old) hospital cafeteria. These people need a HUGE attitude adjusment, but who's going to give it to them?? They obviously could care less what the customers think!!!!!!

Rating: 5 /5

Diamond prettyPrincess

The cafeteria has lovely food!