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Christus Hospital – St. Elizabeth is a not-for-profit health care system that has been serving the needs of its communities including Beaumont, Port Arthur/Mid County, Jasper, and others for over 100 years, the hospital is recognized as one of the health care leaders in Southeast Texas. The hospital provides a fully integrated healthcare delivery system with three inpatient hospitals in addition to another 27 access points serving different specialties including cardiology, oncology, neurology, orthopedics, sports medicine, pediatrics, general surgery, birthing, neonatal care, cardiac rehabilitation, imaging, and emergency services whether for outpatient care or long term facilities. Moreover, the hospital provides the area’s only Level III Trauma Center.

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(134 reviews)

Robert Robinson

For years I went to same doctor complaining of pain. Nothing but pills that didn’t help. I finally went to another hospital and test where sent to new doctor. Wow I’ve had a problem that was fixed by new doctor. Old doctor just said it was nothing. Same test read correctly by someone who cares. Get a second opinion! Don’t hurt for as long as I did.

Kent Maghan

I've been in a few hospitals but this one bye far is the absolute best one. Had my left shoulder replaced and NEVER had better care. Everyone from the check in staff to the maids are fantastic !!! I was on the 6th floor and had the best nurses I've ever had. There was Alex,stormy, and an intern named Mackenzie and a couple more that were on the job. A great job. I'll never forget those nurses. If you have health issues use this hospital. Oh and I know this will be hard to believe but, the best " hospital food " I've ever had. Just order off their full menu. FANTASTIC HOSPITAL.Thank you for making my visit so easy

JR Greene

Just had a revision spine surgery where they removed hardware at Mother Frances.. it was definitely a 5 star experience. I didn’t want for nothing, excellent nursing staff, excellent everything down to the housekeeper. Big difference from my last surgery at Texas Spine and Joint.. they need to take notes. My main nurse was Alexis on the 6th floor.. I hope this review gets read and she gets commended, one of the best nurses I’ve ever had

Deidra Kaye Taylor

very impressive labor and delivery staff very impressive physicians and nurses& CNA's :all get five star ratings the facility was clean and well maintained! the nurses were very attentive to my daughter-in-law who had her baby the nurses were also very patient and kind and answered all of our questions & concerns as if we were their own family members!!!


We were lied to by more than one doctor. My mother was admitted into the hospital last month after going thru emergency for stomach issues. While she was being treated for what turned out to be a bowel obstruction, she was told that they saw tumors on her liver. during a CT Scan. The following morning, they supposedly did a biopsy on her liver. She was told it would take several days to get the results. Long story short, her PCP later told her, at an unrelated follow -up appointment, that her files show that a bippsy was pending - as in they were waiting for her (my Mother) to request one. how did we go from - not one, but two doctors - telling us that we would have the results of the biopsy in a matter of days, to her PCP just now telling her that one was never performed? I also want to add that she uses Medicare as well. I don't know if this is linked to anything, but something is not right. We have since gone to a different hospital outside of the city for further care. These are people's lives we are talking about here. Something is not right!