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Consumer feedback about Christus Spohn Hospital Beeville

Anthony Castro
Anthony Castro

1 out of 5 stars

posted 1 month ago

If I could leav a zero star review I would my wife and I have had the worst experience there we have recently had a baby here The nurses were very nice and attentive but the drs were horrible very lazy and could care less about anyone’s health the dr we had ordered blood work 4 times a day because he didn’t make it in to look at our baby we had to stay for 4 days and at the end of the 4th day he shows up like he saved the world my wife had to have stitches and was never checked wasn’t even offered any kind of pain medication for it . And to add to it they made us go back twice in one day because they gave us wrong information they have cut our babies feet so many times from unnecessary blood work that she is unable to wear socks .I WILL NEVER BE VISITING THIS HOSPITAL AGAIN IN MY LIFE

Mary Johnson
Mary Johnson

5 out of 5 stars

posted 10 months ago

Daughter had out patient dental surgery here. Staff is amazing! They were so sweet and comforting with her. They gave her a little homemade bear. and even brought me something to eat while she was in surgery. Great place.. Especially for children!

Mariah Ortiz
Mariah Ortiz

3 out of 5 stars

posted 8 months ago

I went in at night and they were quick to notice I needed attention and put me to have surgery the following morning. So thats a great plus in my book. Most nurses were kind and asked whether I needed anything. The guy from radiology was gentle and made sure I was comfortable as well. As for communication when calling for follow ups it was a bit hard to find where I needed to go, so if you ever find yourself having to go in for progress reports.... Ask. Right before you leave find someone whoever wherever in order to find answers in which you need, because I still don't know where to meet my surgeon on whether the surgery site is taking or not. Kinda impossible at this point..

Tanya Rivas
Tanya Rivas

1 out of 5 stars

posted 6 months ago

My mother was sent to the er there Friday August 24th, by her nurse because her oxygen level was extremely low. The er doctor said he wasn't really sure what was wrong "but I'll admit her anyway". His exact words. Saturday she became very lethargic and slurring her words. I reached out to the nursing staff and asked to see the doctor. Her response? "He's in the building but I'm not sure he'll cone see her but he did say she didn't warrant and anymore medical care than she's already getting " SERIOUSLY?! I checked my mom out against doctor's orders and took her to Otto Kaiser. I want your staff and hospital to know that she's at Methodist hospital ICU in San Antonio with a pulmonary embolism!! She's being intubated and the doctors there said she would have DIED if she stayed there!!! I guess all the rumors are true about Beeville hospital.

Audrey Ramirez
Audrey Ramirez

2 out of 5 stars

posted 9 months ago

I gave This hospital a 2 only because of the amazing nursing staff. My sister, 25yo, had surgery in May 2018. Dr. Roland said she absolutely had to have surgery-no other options! So he cut her open at least 10in (above her belly button down to her pubic area!) this is no lie! My family tried telling him about her medical past and that most surgeons won’t cut her but he absolutely insisted by stating ‘He’s been a surgeon for 40 years. Don’t undermine my intelligence.’ Her recovery was absolutely horrendous. She requested to be transferred after one week and constant pain and an infection which lead to even more complications. Now her recovery time has doubled and she is home bound. It is an absolute mess and every doctor and nurse that she sees is absolutely horrified by the surgery!!! This is no exaggeration. To top it off, Dr. Roland is the rudest person I have ever met. In fact, the word rude is an understatement. He walked into my sisiters room and told me ‘Get out, out, get out!’ And proceeded to scold the nurse. I was in shock!! He then told her ‘See! I told you we needed to have the surgery!’ And ‘this is not a TV show.’. There is so much more to this story. I am now hearing even more horror stories from many nurses who have had the misfortune of working with him. Beeville Christus Spohn should be ashamed for allowing such a doctor to use our community members as science projects!! I would LOVE to hear a response from Christus Spohn!

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