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3.5 Rating 3.5
621 reviews

About HCA Houston Healthcare Clear Lake

HCA Houston Healthcare Clear Lake is a 490-bed center offering comprehensive inpatient and outpatient medical, surgical, and specialty services.
The hospital is designated as a Level III Trauma Center and a Comprehensive Stroke Center, it features a 42-bed ICU, 8-Cardiovascular ICU beds, 14-Cardiac Care beds, and 20-ORs, a 42-bed Level III NICU, 10-bed PICU, and a Pediatric Emergency Department.
HCA Houston Healthcare Clear Lake covers more than 40 medical specialties and associated services including Radiology, Lab, Pharmacy, and more.

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  • Short Term Acute Care Rating 3.5
(621 reviews)

Nora Sauls

My stay at this facility was above and beyond anything I ever expected. Everyone, and I do mean Everyone took very special care of me and gave kindness and help in every situation. My surgery was aneurysm behind right eye and everyone in charge of my care was very kind and caring. Those who were not in charge of my care were also very attentive and helping. Would live to give 100 star rating. The kindness and care here is more than I can rate. Every one was very knowledgeable and superior trained for every task they performed. NOTE: The above report was for my first visit to this hospital. Had to return to emergency room second time and was total chaos and absolutely terrible experience in ER. Saw one doctor when checking in about 11 on Monday. Placed in ER waiting room until about 9 am on Tuesday. Was there for complications of surgery on two aneurysm behind left eye and got very little attention for the approximate 11 hours in ER. My daughter was there and gave me the help I needed for all things, bathroom visits, water, and comfort she could provide. Shudder to think of possible effects of waiting so long for help. After being placed in hospital room, the attention was so wonderful and the help was constant, with care and kindness. The care was wonderful once I got out of ER area. The ER here is so bad I pray I never have to return here. If at all possible, please go to another facility for ER help.

Mary Vansco

The ER & ER Doctor were great. After being admitted and stabilized I requested a transfer to Memorial Hermann Hosp/Med Center. It took me 2 days of arguing and insisting to get them to put in request then had to wait another 2days for bed to be available . I didn’t feel comfortable with all the procedures that docs at CL were pushing. Nurse staff was great!

Janet Osborne

Incredible care. I recently had outpatient surgery and I arrived early per my doctor’s office instructions but the hospital accommodated me as soon as they could. All of my nurses were wonderful and I felt safe in their hands as this was my first surgery ever.

Ashley Lopez

I was scheduled to be induced vaginal birth but things didn’t go as planned because there were complications, but the nurses were AMAZING! Labor and Delivery are awesome. The nursery nurses were so helpful and nice. I don’t have a single complaint about my stay. I definitely recommend this hospital.

Tessa Speed

I've delivered 2 of my 3 children here and both times were absolutely amazing. The anesthesiologist did my epidural in what had to be record time, every single person I came into contact with-from the nurse i checked in with, to the housekeeping who took away my linens-was smiling, upbeat, and made the entire experience both times exactly what I wanted it to be. I recommend this hospital, and my OB, Dr. Klein, to all of my friends ehp are newly expecting!!