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Consumer feedback about Cleveland Clinic Hospital

Rating: 1 /5

Brian B

I am absolutely disgusted with our experience with the Cleveland clinic. We were told my wife had a 3-4 hr operation, 10 hrs later I got to see my wife again after the sent me to 3 different buildings to wait for several hrs in waiting rooms, finally I got to see my wife and she got a room that is shared with another couple. As for me I was given a basic chair to sleep in so I can sleep sitting straight up..I went to the nurses station and asked about a chair to sleep in and was told nope sorry we are all full there are none ....number 2 hospital out there right....never again will we come here and never will I recommend the Cleveland clinic to anyone. absolutely ridiculous. I just want to tell them to wheel an appropriate down from one of the $300 a night vip rooms we were offered out of pocket

Rating: 4 /5

Mike Freedom

Cleveland Clinic saved my dad's life. For that, we are eternally grateful. Unfortunately, lately my dad is having issues with people calling him back. I hope this hospital doesn't go down the tubes like many of them have.

Rating: 1 /5

Chris McCarthy

I called in to schedule an appt for next month when my insurance starts back up (I switched jobs two months ago and returned to a previous employer which I previously had insurance with) and I was told I could not schedule an appt without an active insurance account. I told her I have cobra, but did not want to use it, so I was more than happy to wait the 3 weeks to see the Dr. once my medical mutual insurance was active. I was told I could not schedule an appt until I had active insurance. I have my card that will be activated in 3 weeks, as well had this insurance for the previous 5 years and have been with the cleveland clinic for the last 10 years. Can anyone explain to me why I can't be PROACTIVE and schedule an appt 3-4 weeks in advance? Does the cleveland clinic seriously not trust me? A client for years, with the means to pay for the appointment in cash but would prefer to wait 3 weeks to use his insurance? I've never felt like a company is more worried about how I'm going to pay for the service more than I do right now. I feel like I'm not a patient for 10 years, but more of a means of income and they want to make sure they get paid before helping accommodate a client to schedule an appt AFTER his insurance is active. I've never come across this and it makes me think twice about using the cleveland clinic for my medical needs, and if you are reading this, you may want to rethink how they treat you as a client as well. -Chris

Rating: 2 /5

Daniel Franklin

The doctors care at the clinic is very good and thorough. Their billing department, however, is ruthless and offer very little help for the patients that need their care. I have requested assistance several times and gotten nowhere with it. They set tight deadlines to pay off entire bills and make you pay really high payments, even if you cannot afford it. I asked if I couldn't make the payment amount that they demanded if I could set up smaller payments so that it didn't cripple my budget and was told that they would "send it to a collection agency and I can set up smaller payments with them". I eventually left their care so that I could find a more reasonable hospital care provider for my condition.

Rating: 5 /5

GE Stapp

No place better for heart care.