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5880 S Hospital Dr, Globe, AZ 85501, USA
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Consumer feedback about Cobre Valley Regional Medical Center

Rating: 5 /5

Ryan Taylor

I've received excellent care here in the ER, with my primary care physician, and with the orthos for neck issues. Admin staff is very responsive and professional and are pushing for the best possible care in a rural area. Facility looks great with the remodel. I highly recommend staying in town and getting your care here!

Rating: 5 /5

David Uncle

I am absolutely blessed to have the opportunity to receive medical care from Cobre Valley Hospital. The staff was phenomenal, the care was compassionate and everything that health care should be. Dr. Miller and Bo were my surgeons (my 31 stitches are hardly noticeable after just two weeks. Zero infections or pain. Little to no scaring). Kresta and Danielle were my caregivers throughout my stay. Exceptionally patient, understanding and an absolute pleasure to be around. BO YOU'RE A BADA$$!! Thanks for the perfect stitching!- Santiago M. AKA the guy who tore a 4 inch hole in his arm during a boating accident

Rating: 5 /5

john isenberg

I went for surgery and the surgical staff was extremely kind, and helpful. They answered my questions about the process and explained what I needed to do after the surgery. Dr. Hanson is an excellent surgeon and answered all my questions. Care and concern were constantly expressed.

Rating: 1 /5

Curtis Hanson

I go into the ER with excruciating chest pain like I have never experienced in my life at 6am. This ER just wants your money and does NOT care about helping. I got every test done under the son and even the nurses said I probably don't need this done. The doctor visited me ONCE and everything else was done by the nurses. I was there from 7am-5pm and given multiple different medications to see what worked and a X Ray then a CT Scan. I had a conversation with the Dr about the medication I would be receiving after I left and He completely changed it too medications that we already tested out while I was there that did NOT work. I asked to change and he wouldn't. My diagnosis was a complete guess by the Dr. Do NOT go to this ER, If it wasn't for the fact I always fainted in my house I would of drove to the valley. Can't wait to see my bill for absolutely nothing. I am now at my house in the SAME exact pain as I walked in the door. Thanks for nothing!! Crooks

Rating: 1 /5

Sal Pastor

All 3 of my unfortunate experiences with this hospital were terrible. Not only did they grossly overcharge myself and my insurance company, the staff lacked bedside manner, and housekeeping was almost non existent.