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106 reviews

About College Station Medical Center

College Station Medical Center was recently affiliated with CHI St. Joseph Health and it is renamed CHI St. Joseph Health College Station Hospital. The 167-bed facility offers a Level III Trauma unit, it is also an accredited Chest Pain Center, a certified Primary Stroke Center, and a Joint Commission-accredited joint replacement program.
The medical services in CHI St. Joseph Health College Station Hospital. covers many specialties such as Diagnostic Imaging, Emergency Services, Heart Care, Joint Replacement, Neurology, Orthopedic Services, Robotic Surgery, Sports Medicine, Surgical Services, Therapy Services, Urology, Weight Loss, Women’s Health, and Wound Care.

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  • Short Term Acute Care Rating 3.2
(106 reviews)

Kuo Liu

I would give a ZERO!! This hospital was horrible. I went to the emergency room one year ago and paid in full at that time. One year later, I received letters and calls from a collection company that I still owed College Station Medical Center 344 dollars. I was super confused! Then I called College Station Medical center to ask what was that bill for. The billing office said they had already delete all my information since it was one year ago. It was the most ridiculous ever.

Chris/Faith Latka

Me and my mother entered the ER around 12:30-12:35 vanessa & Raquel. brown hair tattoos rude attitude. My mother being in extreme pain came running inside to use the restroom, and as her daughter I was needing to help my mother fill out her paper work. Well instead miss Vanessa decided to be extremely rude about it and refused to give me nor my mother any helpful assistance. She then called miss attitude number 2 Raquel to come and assist saying that my mother wouldn't cooperate, even though I was right there ready to fill out the paper work since I was on all her medical records. Another group of patients walked in after my mother and miss Vanessa put them ahead of my mother. So while Raquel asks very few questions and finally gets up and starts talking to my mother. Vanessa is already checking the other group of patients in before my mother. As I'm standing by the counter Raquel asks Vanessa why she checks them in first and all she does is laugh. So while I take my seat and wait the group that came in after my mother went first. And my mother is asking why. When I told her that Vanessa checked them in before her she was very upset. Also in extreme pain. They haven't bothered to do anything but laugh and talk up at the desk. Vanessa's attitude was unnecessary. Raquel's attitude was unnecessary. If that's how you treat all patients that walk in that's ridiculous. Treating one horrible ignoring them. While taking the next person with a smile on your face.

Paula Glenn

The staff from outpatient surgery all the way to the lunchroom were helpful and friendly. Example: Security helped get my husband to where we needed to be.

jeanie 830

I have a family member who recently had an emergency that landed him in the hospital at The Med Center. His wait time in the ER was approxiapprox 3 minutes! They were under staffed in the hospital, (not the emergency room), so it took a little longer to get into a room. The entire time while in the hospital and emergency, they received excellent care. The hospital was clean. The nursing staff was very good. The Dr.s we're excellent. I was surprised when at every meal, they commented the food was good as well. The overall experience was very good.

tim C

All positive. No issue, only help