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3131 S Main St, Moultrie, GA 31768, USA
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Consumer feedback about Colquitt Regional Medical Center

Rating: 1 /5

Brandon Keene

The staff at this hospital are charting false information because they don't want to do the paperwork on a high BP reading my pregnant wife went here yesterday her BP was 156/98 the nurse writes 130/85 on her chart never done any test to see what is wrong just told her they can't find anything these pepole are a joke she was here for 7 hours they wouldn't even give her a drink of water or any fluids

Rating: 1 /5

Maggie Pierce

Its pretty pathetic when they take their patients right away to have visitors. I went to see a family member with my 1 year old child with me and was told we could not go up because it is now hospital policy no children under 12. Oh but if it were myself or her father she would have been aloud. I understand if you give visitors a warning that hey their is an outbreak or ex. It's flue season and let us decide but you are taking their right away. I mean for all they know my family member could have been dying and we were there to say our final goodbyes which thankfully isn't the case but you are going to take that away from someone. Way to go CRMC you have ranked #1 in being heartless, but y'all will have to live with that.

Rating: 3 /5

Jeff T.

I've had both good and bad experiences here, both myself and with loved ones. Sometimes the care seems a bit substandard, and at other times it can be the best care you could ever receive. The ER is definitely slow, but there can be many reasons for this so I try not to be too quick to judge them on it. Triage is there to decide who should see a doctor first, so basically to decide how much of an emergency your issue is. I'm certain that trauma patients are going to be seen ahead of flu patients etc. Sometimes as well, the waiting area can be empty but an ambulance could have brought in someone much more of an emergency than yourself. Long story short, last time I went in at 10 pm, got triaged pretty quickly, maybe a half hour after arriving, then decided to leave around midnight without seeing a doctor at all. They actually called my name for financials about the time I was heading to the door, so I went back and explained I changed my mind about service. Got a bill for 15 dollars a couple of weeks later for the blood pressure cuff they used. Last time I ever needed them. Went the next day to an urgent care clinic and got taken care of much quicker and cheaper than the ER would have ever been. Weigh your options before going to the ER.

Rating: 5 /5

Shirley Ebner

All personnel were extremely friendly. The cardiac doctor Lawrence Ukpong was very professional and after EKG Echogram and stress test he spent as much time as we needed to make certain we completely understood the results and the implications. I would certainly recommend this hospital for any diagnostic analysis

Rating: 5 /5

chris hurst

My fiance and I welcomed our baby boy into the world recently at Colquitt Regional and the Doctors, Nurses, and all the staff treated us like family.....we will never ever forget all the kindness we received there !!