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23625 Holman Hwy, Monterey, CA 93942, USA
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Consumer feedback about Community Hospital of the Monterey Peninsula

Rating: 1 /5

Lorena Harris

Short review: This hospital should have their "baby friendly" accreditation completely removed. Terrible experience and will absolutely never deliver another baby here. Long review: It has taken me quite some time to be able to digest the experience I had at CHOMP delivering my baby. My labor & delivery actually was very smooth thanks to the help of my doula. However, my daughter was born with fluid in her lungs that required immediate care. Within 24 hours, the fluid had cleared her lungs. However, during that time, she developed a very mild case of jaundice. They wouldn't allow my daughter to stay in the room with us on a blanket, and made my choice to breastfeed absolute Hell on earth. They INSISTED on feeding her donor milk & formula with absolutely no evidence based reasoning, only giving me 10 minutes max at a time to feed my baby every three hours. At one point I demanded her chart and found that she had been given donor milk multiple times without my consent or knowledge. The nurses would physically snatch my daughter out of my hands while feeding her and shove a bottle into her mouth. I even had one nurse poke and prod at my breast while saying, "It doesn't seem like she's getting anything, time for me to feed her." It was devastating, humiliating, and truly made me feel as though I couldn't possibly breastfeed my child. On day three of this nightmare, my husband and I begged the nurse (unsure of her name, elderly woman with PHD on her badge) to let us have the baby in our room... she proceeded to tell the doctor we were trying to kill our baby! The doctor called us on our room phone SCREAMING, saying we were putting our daughter's life in danger by not listening to them. All because of this one nurse from Hell. The next morning of our nightmare stay at CHOMP, we were finally told that we could take our baby home. I could not believe it. It was the best day of my life. This only scratches the surface of the issues we had while we were staying at CHOMP. They forced us to move rooms in the middle of our stay to free up "labor rooms", and NO ONE used that room over the next three days. They only delivered us four of the 16 meals we were supposed to get while we were there, and two of those we couldn't eat because of allergies that were ignored. We were billed for every meal anyway. The only bright spot in our whole experience was Amy, a nurse that was so kind, so thoughtful, so compassionate that I memorized her schedule during my stay and got so excited when she brought us our baby. I have not forgotten her and doubt I ever will. She would let my daughter stay with me longer than the 10 minutes I was "allowed", and she could tell how painful and unnecessary the experience was for us. I hope she reads this and knows that she is absolutely phenomenal!

Rating: 1 /5

Diane Morales

There’s a registration desk in front of radiation oncology the women was one of the rudest person I’ve ever meet she had a bad attitude I went to radiation desk to double check my mom had an appointment they said yes. registration got call from inside radiation this lady told me why did I go do that. the one that help was the check in person next to her really nice she was trying to help the other lady but she just didn’t want to do her job I’m sorry but you guys shouldn’t hire people that don’t want to work here with a good attitude or want to listen to instructions this are cancer patients she’s dealing with!!!!

Rating: 5 /5

Nancy Rosner

I have taken my 95-year-old husband to the E.R. here twice and they were terrific---very fast response & very professional. On our latest visit, he was admitted to the hospital for 24 hours. We have been extremely impressed with both the E.R. staff and the inpatient hospital staff.

Rating: 2 /5

Michael Evans

Update- Seriously what is wrong with this place. I recently came in this time because my daughter had a fever. Waited 2 hours. Again they let people in with minor issues before us and other people. After multiple visits I can say for certain that they are DISCRIMINATING DUE TO CLASS. The affluent people get in first. (Original) Some times the visits are fantastic. Other times it's a nightmare. I visited the ER for severe abdominal pain and vomiting had me waiting 3 hours without any help. Meanwhile people with a leg cramp and nose bleed get right in. (Not exadurating) Whoops! They forgot about me.... Every person and medical professional I know has had at least one bad experience at CHOMP. I don't know if it's a management thing or what?

Rating: 1 /5

Fabian Thalmann

24,000$ for a rabies injection. I can not recommend. worst hospital I have ever seen. will act legally and accuse this hospital.