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Community Medical Center
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3.4 out of 5 stars

Cortney Hansen
Cortney Hansen

3 out of 5 stars

posted 2 months ago

Generally get very good care, very pleased with our PCP in the Community Physician's Group (Dr. Borge, she's AMAZING!!!) and my last visit to the ER was as good as a visit to the ER can be. The billing dept has a lot to be desired. I sometimes don't receive a bill for 9-11 months after a visit, which really screws with my flex plan. I have checked with my insurance as well to make sure they processed in a timely manner, and they have almost every single time. Other than whoever they have outsourced their billing too, I don't have any complaints

Sherrie Vogele
Sherrie Vogele

1 out of 5 stars

posted 2 weeks ago

Unbelievable experience and not a good one. My health is now in danger due to mismanagement, things I can't say online. There are some very good doctors here. For sure. I ended up with the wrong one, a problem developed, instead of taking appropriate action, they got rid of me putting my health in further danger. I'm not sure it would be legal for them to share any information with the entire Western Montana Clinic without me signing a HIPPA form. Wow wow and ow ow ow
I just read a review which is what started my problem with Western Montana Clinic, and I'm an RN from St Pats. I was in an emergency situation, I tried to get a message to the nurse, it says press 0, if u need immediate assistance, so I did. The ER doc told me to call my doctor immediately, and get my medicine that I was having withdrawals from due to my refill being missed despite 2 calls from myself, and faxes from the pharmacy. I was alone extremely sick, and terrified. I also on top of everything have a TBI,this girl in the phone was so mean, rude, and seemingly unwilling to convey my emergent message to the appropriate person. I do know that the result is they cancelled my appointment and are refusing to take me as a patient for being "disruptive". For starters, how can I be disruptive to an environment that I'm not physically in? I would like to have a more objective description of what exactly they perceive as disruptive. Its not my fault the girl has no medical experience. After the first sentence if me saying, "I'm confused, hallucinating, terrified, in withdrawals because my refill was too late," she should have gotten a nurse, doctor someone who knows how to help a confused, hallucinating, terrified patient, not provoke them, and be completely rude. The pharmacist at Costco felt so bad for me,that she stayed on the phone with me for 30 minutes. I was scared and tearful. I've never bern so scared as I've never had hallucinations before. I spoke to her no different than the rude girl on the phone. She never thought for a second that I was disruptive, she recognized my symptoms,and could tell they were severe. Obviously, my personal phone call, in which I was following the orders from the doctor who just discharged me from the ER, was treated as gossip, and I believe the girl talking apparently to EVERYONE about my PERSONAL MEDICAL CONDITION,is a violation of HIPPA. She blew things out of perspective probably due to lack of medical knowledge on how to treat a person who just told you they r confused, hallucinating, terrified. She did everything to increase my terror, told me to go to the ER. Did she not hear me say, I just got discharged from the ER, I need help right away, I'm supposed to contact my doctor immediately which is what I was doing. I feel like my private life was spread all over the office with zero regard to helping a current patient. To make it worse, THEY CANCELLED MY UPCOMING APPOINTMENT. THIS DOCTOR INSISTED ON PRESCRIBING ALL MY MEDS. SO MY LIFE IS IN HIS HANDS. I CAN DIE FROM THE ABPRUPT REMOVAL OF AT LEAST 3 OF MY MEDICINES. WHAT A POSITION TO OUT A COMPLETELY DISABLED PERSON WHO LIVES ALONE AND HAS BEEN STRUGGLING TO REGAIN SOME KIND OF LIFE AFTER A VERY SERIOUS ASSAULT IN WHICH I ALMOST DIED FROM, CAUSED BY MY FOSTER DAUGHTER. I DESERVE A CHANCE TO GET BETTER. NOW WHAT? I GUESS I WILL GO INTO WITHDRAWLS AND DIE? SUFFER EXTENSIVELY MINIMALLY. NO ONE WILL WORK WITH ME OR TALK TO ME. THE MANAGER WAS ALSO VERY RUDE AND OBVIOUSLY MADE UP HER MIND NEVER MEETING ME, OR HEARING MY SIDE OF THE STORY, AND WAS INDIFFERENT, VERY DEFENSIVE, ZERO COMPASSION, AND ACTUALLY MADE THINGS WORSE. I WONDER HOW MANY PEOPLE SHES TALKING ABOUT ME TO? EVEN 1, IS 1 TOO MANY AS SHE HAS NO RELEASE TO SHARE MY MEDICAL INFORMATION WITH ANYONE. AS A NURSE, I KNOW THIS. IM NOT MEAN OR RUDE EVER. BEING SCARED AND CONFUSED WITH A BRAIN INJURY, NO ONE WILL TALK TO ME. IM SO SCARED OF THE POSITION THIS PLACE PUT ME INTO I CANT EVEN SLEEP. THATS NOT HELPING ME.

Kenneth Copeland
Kenneth Copeland

1 out of 5 stars

posted 4 months ago

My father-in-law needed to get his appointment time for his Cardiac Rehabilitation appointment. When he called a woman answered and was completely rude and had no time for him. She transferred his call which was then transferred again and he wound up on the phone with a billings rep. Did him no good being in Missoula. He called back and the same woman answered and still didn't give him his appointment time. She said for him to call back and leave a message and they would contact him back. Well what if they do and he misses their call. Just plain rude people answering the phones and need to be terminated.

Missoula County Fire
Missoula County Fire

5 out of 5 stars

posted 1 month ago

Knowledgeable staff and fast attentive service!

Bootsie Louise
Bootsie Louise

2 out of 5 stars

posted 7 months ago

I have had pretty decent luck with the medical providers here, but the staff leaves something to be desired. I have been bringing my special needs son with severe developmental delays to the pediatric outpatient therapy department for 10 months now and have had nothing but issues with records, billing, name it. They have constant overturn and schedule changes. My son requires 3-4 sessions of therapy (between speech, OT and PT) a week and a consistent schedule is necessary for me to balance all my son's therapies with my full time job. They also closed the therapy pool...which was the best thing that ever happened to my son's development...even the therapists will tell you that.

Community also stopped doing home visits. However, in Montana...Part C services only cover home or daycare based visits. This removes an entire group of children from being able to utilize part C services.

Last month, my son's speech therapist told me that she gave her notice to leave 6 weeks prior but the hospital did not allow her to tell her patients. Seriously? There are 6+ month waiting lists for speech therapists in Missoula and not only will Community not expand their therapy department with more PT, OT and speech therapists...they won't even give their patients the heads up to look for a replacement.

I've also recently found out that the Home & Community Based Services department has been shut down and absorbed by Providence Home Care. I received ZERO notification of this. I had to find out from the front desk after weeks of not hearing back from my case worker. When I called Providence Home Care...they said they weren't given any of my records and don't have my son on file with their waiver services. So where did my records go? Now I have to start the long process all over again.

Community clearly doesn't care about their patients or their patients needs, but instead are only worried about their bottom line. They disgust me. In the meantime I have to fight for my sweet boy (with Angleman Syndrome) to get the care he needs. Can you imagine depriving this face of the best future possible?

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