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147 N Brent St, Ventura, CA 93003, USA
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Consumer feedback about Community Memorial Hospital San Buenaventura

Rating: 1 /5

Janet McNamara

No Stars at all for this death trap. Avoid CMH at all costs. You'd do better going to a veterinarian! They killed my husband from their lack of care, he went in for a simple polyop removal, caught some type of infection and they covered it up. The hospitalist actually yelled at my husband "Your cancer has returned and you will die within 2 weeks" just inches from his face. I jumped up and said "Don't talk to him like that" and she actually said" Ok Boston, (where I'm from), you want to go at it" and raised her fists to me! I asked to see the tests that said his cancer was back, oh, they did not have them! My husband died 3 hours after that doctor yelled at him. My complaints to the hospital were basically ignored. AVOID CMH, if you want to live.

Rating: 5 /5

Colin Hernandez

my wife gave birth to our 8 kids there, they stiched her back up good as new after each one, cant even tell she gave birth to 8 kids

Rating: 1 /5

Michael Rukavina

TERRIBLE Communication! I dropped my wife off at 12:15 for a pretty quick procedure. Unfortunately, right after that, I lost my cell phone. I knew my wife would be available for pick up around 3:30 so I came back to the hospital and I was downstairs at the information booth checking on her status at 3:45. The candy striper looked in the book and said she was not in the post-op room yet and to come back about 45 minutes to an hour later. Reluctantly, I walked across the street and waited for an hour before coming back. Unbeknownst to me, at 3:45, my wife was trying to call me and get ahold of me saying that she was ready to be picked up on the 3rd floor. Since I had no phone, she wasn't sure if something had happened to me or if I had to forgotten to pick her up. She ended up having to call her parents to pick her up while I was across the street waiting loke an idiot per the candy stripers instructions. I came back at 4:45 and was told she had already been checked out but the patient binder at the information desk still had no status since before my 345 inquiry. How much trouble would it have been for the candy striper to call and check on the status rather than assuming? My wife had just woken up from anesthesia and had to figure out how to get home. Thanks CMH.

Rating: 4 /5

Tim McCoy

The doctors and staff were knowable, helpful, protective of their patients, and friendly. In my opinion, it is the staff that makes the hospital great. The existing building (7/2017) is going to be replaced soon with a new one right next door and this is exciting news because the old one is a bit outdated and run down. On a positive note the wifi speed/bandwidth is really good here and watching videos checking email and doing your work is very smooth and free (have to bypass the SSL cert expired warning message though to get to the captive portal). On a down note -new fathers be sure to bring your own food because husbands that stay with their newborns to help mom aren't provided meals. Guest get a fold out chair that is hard to sleep on. The staff tries to accommodate requests but has limited resources when they are busy.

Rating: 5 /5

Harlan Fugate

I've to CMH for 7 surgeries since November 2013 and on this past Friday I had a hip replacement and from pre operation nurses, then recovery and to all the 5th floor nurses that have taken care of me ABSOLUTELY OUTSTANDING ATTITUDE and SPECTACULAR care in my time at CMH! Thank you!