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2500 Alhambra Ave, Martinez, CA 94553, United States
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Consumer feedback about Contra Costa Regional Medical Center

Rating: 1 /5

Mirwais Subhani

Acting like busy but doing nothing helpful, wasting time (killing the time)like always.

Rating: 1 /5

Alejandra Cruz

My mom who recently is a patient here, tried to Schedule an appointment the person whom she was talking to didn't know how to speak Spanish so my mom had told her she would have her English speaking daughter talk to her. Now she has the phone on speaker and all I hear after that was "OMG"with frustration and she hung up obviously me being very angery by her extreme rudeness, I call back and I say excuse me mam you were extremely rude for hanging up on us like that! In English I told her ! She gave me a lot of attitude and told me who I wanted to talk to ! just like that and then, before I answered she told me if I wanted a Spanish speaker with the most disrespectful tone I have ever encountered!

Rating: 5 /5

Cynthia Roubos

Recently had a C section there and after my surgery and stay I wanted to make sure I posted a good review. The Drs. And Nurses made me feel very comfortable even though I was anxious about a C section. In the recovery, which wasn't very fun, I had really good nurses who were genuinely caring. I had my 1st Baby in Kaiser and the experience at the Martinez Health Center was better. The only downfall to the health center is that you share a room with someone after you have your baby. This means you can or will hear noise when you are trying to sleep. Besides that the facility is decent and the scenery from the windows are beautiful. I also want to write how before the surgery you meet the Drs who will be working on you, and also the anesthesiologist. I really felt comfortable during surgery knowing I got to meet the people who would be in the room. I had George as an Anesthesiologist and he did a wonderful job, he was very caring and I couldn't help but tell him thank you non stop. Very happy with the service here. Hope everyone else had an experience like me.

Rating: 1 /5

Eon Maker

Worst emergency room ever... All the staff have an attitude's s not how you say things... It's how you make someone feel when you say it..this emergency room needs help restructuring their lean management style...they do not show any compassion for anyone nor passion for what they do.. After all you are all there to just pick a check......

Rating: 1 /5

Brandy Linn

I never post comments.... Especially negative ones but I just can't hold back.. They take so long for everything everything....