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2302 College Ave, Conway, AR 72034, USA
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Consumer feedback about Conway Regional Medical Center

Rating: 1 /5

Pissy Panda

Absolutely the worst hospital I have ever been to! I was sent to their ER by ambulance from another clinic. I waited in pain for over 3 hours within all that time all that was done was a blood drawing in fact the gentleman drawing my blood showed more compassion than ANY of the other nurses on staff at the time. They wanted a urine sample and I was told to try to go to the bathroom if I could but the thing is during that whole time of waiting I didn't even receive a cup to urinate in. After trying to deal with the pain I got fed up and decided to express my frustrations to the nurse in the back room who was just sitting there pretending to look busy on the computer. The first thing she decides to say to me is, "You haven't been waiting here that long." I was livid at that point I said some choice words and left. I shall never return to this so called "ER" please if Conway Regional is an option during an emergency for you I suggest walking straight towards the light... No, in all seriousness please if you or someone you care about is in need of GREAT medical attention I implore you go to Baptist Conway hospital. I don't normally ever write reviews but this was just too important to me just to let go. Even if just one person can see my review and it turns them away from Conway Regional it would make me feel accomplished. A direct message to Conway Regional please show your patients some more compassion I know it's not easy what you all do and all the schooling you go through just to help other people, I can't even imagine but don't let this job take your humanity by the desensitization of seeing certain things day in day out.

Rating: 1 /5

Chareze B

You are better off going to Baptist Hospital. The level of care I have received at Baptist Hospital is superior to the care I got at CRHS. If I could give it no stars I would. I will never go back to this ER again. Saw the same ER Doctor and definitely not impressed with him as I felt he did not listen to me and take my concerns into consideration . Just drive down the road to Baptist . They will get your diagnosis right too. I was misdiagnosed as well at CRHS.

Rating: 5 /5

Jettie Parrish

I've had surgery here, have had other family here, and we've always felt we got good service, and quick response.

Rating: 1 /5

Chief Parabatai

If you posted a positive review please tell me how much they paid you to do so and I hope you get the same quality of care that I received. Nothing but incompetent workers all the way around. The nurse practitioner didn't even lift my shirt to take breathe sounds nor my heart. Which, should be beginning level nursing knowledge! I wouldn't recommend it even if you're dying! Go to Baptist or take a helicopter/ambulance to Little Rock because Conway Regional does NOT care about you nor your life. People posting false reviews should be absolutely ashamed of themselves. You can tell they are paid reviews by how generic the responses are. If you look at the profiles of most of the people posting the 5 star reviews and see that they have posted mostly or nothing but 5 star reviews in their feedback and then compare that to people who have rated it low and you will find much fewer if only one contribution.

Rating: 5 /5

Dianna Mare'

They are wonderful group of people. Super caring