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566 reviews

About Cook Children’s Medical Center

Cook Children’s Medical Center is a nationally recognized not-for-profit pediatric hospital located in Fort Worth, Texas.
The hospital is specialized in pediatric care offering a wide range of inpatient and outpatient services for children and newborns.
Cook Children’s Medical Center is part of Cook Children’s Health Care System along with 7 more entities; Physician Network, Home Health Company, Northeast Hospital, Pediatric Surgery Center, Health Plan, Health Services, and Inc. and Health Foundation.

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  • Childrens Rating 3.2
(566 reviews)

Joshua Bennett

My child was transferred here after over 12 hours in an urgent care where they couldn’t find anything wrong. After being moved we’ve only seen the doctor three times and our nurse three times in over 7 hours. The sonogram results took over 2 hours and still the doctor doesn’t seem concerned about my child. I know I’m going to get a massive bill for the ER and for what? No information and an uncomfortable hour of sleep? The name of the hospital is not living up to the service we are receiving at the moment. Updated: After being admitted everything improved greatly. The staff has been helpful and has kept us in the loop the entire time.

Samuel Keys

Other than me thinking this place should be associated with Jesus 100%, it is truly amazing. The nurses were a Godsend. I stayed there every night for the 1ST 10 days my son was there. They treated me like I was an honored guest and my son like he was one of their own children. We were blessed to have our son stay there for about 3 weeks.

Marissa Torres

Brought my 2 year old daughter in due to her having high fevers for 4 days. We checked in, sat down and within 5 minutes we were called in and put in a room. The nurses were so sweet, they saw my baby girl uncomfortable and gave her Tylenol right away and blew bubbles to make her happy. All the nurses were attentive and just super amazing! All tests were ran smoothly. We were discharged very quickly. Great experience and would definitely bring my daughter back. Thank you Cooks Children!

Mad Muppet

What an amazing Children's Hospital. The amenities are out of this world. The staff were also extremely friendly. Wish something similar was in Denver, CO.

Kiley Colston

My son was admitted to Cook at just 3 weeks old with RSV. I cannot say enough good things about the care we received during our stay in the PICU and also when we were moved to the regular floor. This could’ve been such a scary time for a new momma, but we were reassured and walked through every small detail of our visit. We didn’t want to leave! Well, we did, but they just made the experience the best it could be!