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94 reviews

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Veronica T

A special shout out to our amazing nurse Angie! My daughter struggled with her pain control after her knee surgery and she was incredibly patient, caring, sympathetic and attentive. She never hesitated to advocate for my daughter and did all she could to get her ready to go home as soon as possible.

Matthew Gummerson

Will not be using this facility (Cook Children’s Surgery Center, Hurst) again but it’s not for the reasons you think. My daughter had ear tubes done and the care received from nurses, surgeon, and anesthesia team were all excellent and I thank them for her care. It’s the billing practices that are to the degree of insurance fraud, in my opinion. Total fees that the insurance company and I paid together were $6700 (just for this surgery center—not surgeon or anesthesia charges). This is for a 10 minute surgery, the simplest one that is done in medicine. Looking deeper, they actually charged $1100 for a single small bottle of ear drops that normally costs $35. They said this was a valid charge. This single charge of a bottle of ear drops was quite a bit higher than even the surgeon’s fee. This is clearly a prime example of why the existing healthcare system in America is unsustainable. We have several small children and will be in need of future surgeries but will not be done here.

GaryKendra Patton

Shout out to our AWESOME nurse Amy M., Dr Roberge & entire staff who took care of us today! No wait time, clean environment, clear instructions provided. They made ear tube surgery for our 7 month old easy peasy!

Claire Davidson

My child had surgery at this facility almost a year ago, the surgery went fine but the billing process has been an absolute nightmare. I've been bounced around between Cook Childrens Physicians Network, Cook Childrens Surgery Center, and RAB billing collections for the past year trying to resolve my issues. Ask for ITEMIZED medical bills and receipt of payment and check them thoroughly, this place is a joke.

jamie k

CROOK Children's, their billing dept is so terrible, corrupt & deceptive. I will never take my children to any of their facilities again. 9 months later they try to send the bills we already paid, then send us to collections. Insurance fraud