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101 Cole Ave, Bisbee, AZ 85603, USA
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Consumer feedback about Copper Queen Community Hospital

Rating: 5 /5

Rayna Stanley

Came in around 10:30PM. Was admitted quickly and efficiently. Staff was amazing. Glad I drove here from Sierra Vista. I had a CT scan within 20 minutes of arrival and results about 20 minutes after that.

Rating: 1 /5

lor ll

I agree with Talon, below. These people are so rude, unless they are friends of yours. You walk in, they make no eye contact, you wait while they ignore you, then someone a "friend" walks in and it's HI, so and so, meanwhile.................They have changed "nurse practitioners" on me twice. The first time she let me know, the 2nd time, I had no idea, and when I needed my medications refilled, instead of it "being in my file already" I had to make, yet, another appointment, spend more money. They nickle and dime you and while most doctors tell you blood results and test results over the phone, these people make you pay for a visit to come in, even for something as simple as an easy test result that came back fine. They wouldn't give me the right kind of medicine one time and I did lose it to the rude people in the front office, but WHO doesn't give you the right kind of medicine??? And, so, after everything, they sent me a letter certified that they were no longer going to accept me as a patient. I apologized for MY part in the circumstances but would they acknowledge THEY did anything wrong, of course not. And, don't try to have surgery there, the surgeon, Dr. Snure, takes months and months to get on the same page as you to try to get an MRI scheduled so you can have the surgery you need. I eventually had to find someone else. I also, before I knew the 2nd "nurse practitioner" was leaving, decided enough is enough and found a doctor with 5 stars in Sierra Vista. I hope they are more compassionate, patient and efficient. Why do their employees keep leaving if they are so perfect? Why don't they treat all their customers with respect and courtesy? Then they take the almighty high road and blame YOU. I'd say DON'T GO THERE. Hopefully, if I need the ER one day, at my advanced age, they won't let me die.

Rating: 5 /5

Fritzi Redgrave

I cannot imagine getting better care than I did at this hospital. I was transferred to Tucson and I can tell you that the care was not as good there.

Rating: 1 /5

Talon Braun

The worst place to be treated! Long wait times, rude receptionists and incompetent medical assistants. If I could give it a -4 I would go to Sierra vista or better Tucson

Rating: 5 /5

J. Gividen

Went into ER very sick left hours later feeling great. Everyone was great and very polite and knowledgeable.