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800 S Main St, Corona, CA 92882, USA
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Consumer feedback about Corona Regional Medical Center

Rating: 5 /5

Mark Basta

In town for work I was unfortunate enough to have by big toe nail ripped off. I'm pacing my hotel room trying to stop the bleeding and I called my insurance. They sent me to an urgent care that was closed. I finally called 911 and asked for the nearest hospital and had my driver take me there. The intake process was rather painless (pun intended) and the staff were all warm and helpful. Oh, speaking of that... my driver dropped me off at the wrong end of the hospital so the receptionist called someone and a security guard walked all the way over from the ER with a wheel chair to take me all the way back. All told I was there for a few hours but after all was said and done I left there better than I arrived and educated on what to do from here to recover. There was even a piece of information I forgot that was told to me so I called back to the hospital and got sent to someone in the ER right away. The PA that answered my call was, again, very helpful and took the time to answer all of my questions. The biggest takeaway from this for me is that I feel I can trust these people and that's a big win for me.

Rating: 4 /5

E.J. Rances

While I do appreciate the staff and doctors for always helping us, sometimes you can get the run around from here. It's a great little hospital and is growing to be a better one. The staff is excellent and friendly and the facility well equipped. The ER staff is very fast and efficient. There is always room for improvement but this place is great.

Rating: 1 /5

Jerriann Baros

My ER experience was HORRIBLE! I got admitted because I was 21 weeks pregnant, all they had to do was a swab and test it yet I was there for 4 hours! I kept telling them I had insurance but I didn't have my card. They said because my insurance is out of state that it will not cover which is a LIE! They also told me the cost of birth which was so irrelevant. I was 21 weeks no where close to giving birth. When I left, I called my insurance to ask for my card number and I called Corona regional and gave them all of my information. About a week later I received a call and they again told me my insurance will not cover but I talked to my Insurance and they said they cover all EMERGENCIES. And the lady's reply was "well since you got admitted and went to labor and delivery it's not considered an ER visit" EVEN THOUGH I WENT TO THE ER. They think they can get over on me just because I'm young and from out of state, WRONG! I will never go here again. All they care about is money. The staff is so unprofessional and I felt uncomfortable here the entire time. Later on that day I went to another ER in Riverside which was so much better. They did what they were supposed to, no problems, and I was only there for an hour. And I also went to labor & delivery and guess what, no problems with my insurance.

Rating: 1 /5

Teri Hooper

It's difficult to get information about your loved one when they are here. The nurse's station is pleasant but has little information from the doctor and social worker and you can't get them to call you with information. My husband is a geriatric patient who needs physical help with daily living and this facility is not set up for that. He has fallen and they have him signing things he doesn't understand due to his dementia. This facility may be fine for adults with no physical ailments, but not for geriatric patients.

Rating: 1 /5

Lisa Rossler

Worst hospital ever!!!! Worst ER experience ever!!! ER staff literally has no sense of urgency or compassion. I just brought my 15 month old son in with a head trauma while I sat for a CT scan in an empty waiting room I finally after almost 2 hours realized I needed to take him to a better hospital and left! Never ever again should anyone trust the life of their loved one to this hospital! They serious have no idea what they are doing!!!