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Consumer feedback about Corpus Christi Medical Center,the

Scott Kelley
Scott Kelley

5 out of 5 stars

posted 3 weeks ago

My wife had an induced delivery here & the nurses in labor & delivery were amazing. We couldn’t thank them enough. Unfortunately now that means I am no longer sleeping but have time to write reviews between feedings

AK Burrell
AK Burrell

2 out of 5 stars

posted 2 weeks ago

Review of BAH:
ER staff was professional and efficient when dealing with my Elderly father with Parkinson's disease. He was able to leave the ER for a room in about 4 hours.
On the floor the staff seemed friendly at introduction but very little was seen or heard from them after. Information on my fathers condition was hard to get and he wasn't keep clean (inconstinence wise). Soiled pads were removed from under him and left on the floor beside his bedbed (semiprivate room). Who does that!!!! Bathed or showered???? My father is not mobile. Hand/arm moments are very limited. His food trays were placed in the room and left to get cold unless family was present. Care for the patients wellbeing was lacking. Used nurse call button, voice response after a few minutes but no nurse for over an hour.
Would not recommend for anyone with limited abilities.


5 out of 5 stars

posted 4 months ago

They saved my life!!! I was really sick with pneumonia. They told my mom I might not make it. I was in ICU on a ventilator for 3 months. Had to do physical therapy to learn to walk again. EVERY time my family has been there EVERY staff member has been professional, polite, and caring. The wait time is reasonable. Great quality care! Thank you!!!

Paula Acevedo
Paula Acevedo

1 out of 5 stars

posted 1 month ago

Was in very bad car accident they cut off all my clothes the nurses are very rude the doctor did very poor didn't even introduce himself couldn't see anybody cause of the way they had me laying down was left in the room by myself in horrible pain i starred throwing up on myself the nurse didn't bother cleaning me up. It took forever for them to take catscan they also were very unprofessional. The doctor that started my care didn't even care enough to come and check on me when body started to spam out he just left and inn came a new nurse that was very rude treated me like a dog.then they pushed me out of the room like i was not important. I'm still in horrible pain in my neck and shoulder my back. By the way the rolled me around like a dead body i have bruises every where they pushed me.

Jose Garcia
Jose Garcia

4 out of 5 stars

posted 5 months ago

I was pleased with the nursing staff both day and night as I was being seen during their nursing shift change, as well as the attending physician who was very kind. However I spend over 15 minutes trying to sign in due to the receptionist, I believe her name was Emily, constantly trying to tell me that I was better off being seen at another facility due to the ER's current traffic and her obvious need to do other tasks such as selling her baked goods (which she bragged was her side job and bragged that it was tax free income), at which point she even tried to sell some to me. I explained I was a diabetic and had chest pain and she simply offered to scrape off the icing for an additional charge and to wait in the lobby to be seen. It wasn't until an actual nurse took the time to come call me back and apologize for the wait, at which time the receptionist , Emily, was eating at her desk and on watching something on her phone, occasionally answering the phone and directing the calls to someone else who seemed much busier than her. I highly suspect that her rude attitude stems from her obvious single marital status, career frustration, and probable dependency on a small animal at home, seeing as she lacks normal communication skills. Other than the receptionist's lack of professionalism, the nursing staff and physicians were very kind, caring, and took great care of me. I will return as long as reception is improved. my care after being called back was superb and was discharged in a timely manner with great nursing staff, very friendly. Reception just needs major improvement and her behavior seems inappropriate for an emergent facility

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