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2.6 Rating 2.6
16 reviews

About Covenant Hospital Levelland

Covenant Hospital Levelland is a part of Covenant Health Network, the largest healthcare provider in the West Texas and eastern New Mexico region for almost 100 years.
The hospital emergency care unit provides dedicated children’s emergency services along with a pediatric trauma Center, and newborn intensive care unit.
Covenant Hospital Levelland also offers cancer treatment, children’s hospital, heart institute, orthopedics, surgical services, and women’s services.

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  • Acute Care Hospitals
  • Short Term Acute Care Rating 2.6
(16 reviews)

Fabian Cantu

Took my wife to the E.R and the woman at the check in was very rude, and unprofessional. She didn’t even let me finish what I was saying. She gave me paperwork and told me to have a seat. I understand situations can get hectic and busy. Please they need to show professionalism.

Chris Saunders

Took my daughter in with a high temp. After a few moments in the waiting room (maybe 5 minutes) was called back, they took very good care of my 4 year old little girl. Very respectful and too the time to talk to her.

Katarina Sauceda

I wish I could give this hospital 10 stars! This hospital is by far the best I have been to! Kristi and Debra LVN were by far the best nurses I have ever seen! They were so kinda and caring! The other staff were friendly as well! The food was great, and the atmosphere was very welcoming!

Glimmer Forbus

My review is for the E.R. I'm sure it will be better if they get rid of doctor tsnge(sing). She is incompetent, rude, and dangerous to all patients. I went in for intense pain on my upper right side, and she said I had kidney stones. I went to UMC later that day and had emergency surgery. She ran all the same tests UMC did and couldn't see that my Gaul bladder was about to rupture. The nurse told her he thought it was my Gaul bladder. She shouldn't be a doctor!!! I went back to the E.R. tonight and she was the doctor there. I went in with a abscess tooth and lots of swelling. She asked me questions that had nothing to do with anything medical. She was very unprofessional who I live with is my business she was shaming me for living with my mother. Also I told her I only wanted strong antibiotics no pain pills. I just want to get rid of the infection she just rolled her eyes at me. I will be fileing a formal complaint with the hospital over this maybe they will get rid of her. Doctor Sing is lazy incompetent and worthless!!!


This place is sorry! You can tell the employees don't care, just there for their paycheck and to go home. Employees can't get their stuff/paperwork together.