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1 Hospital Drive Southwest, Huntsville, AL 35801, USA
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Consumer feedback about Crestwood Medical Center

Rating: 2 /5

Grace Lane

Medical staff and doctors are very nice. But the billing department is AWFUL. I received a bill for over 8k! Called my insurance who said there's no way because on there end they see I only owed under $500 after they paid their part. Have my insurance company the claim number on my bill, it didn't even match what they billed my insurance. Seemed like a complete scam to me and my insurance company. Thankfully my insurance company got it straightened out but I'll never step foot in that hospital again because the billing department. 4yrs prior we had a cop at our door at 1030pm serving us papers for $150 bill from 3 months prior that we never got a bill for in the mail. I think there needs to be some training or firing in that department

Rating: 5 /5

Kathy Harkleroad

I've had 2 knee replacements, several out patients procedures done, a gall bladder removal, and a bursa cup removal, along with dealing with several cases of pneumonia all at Crestwood Hospital. I've been in the ER department several times and each time I was treated with respect, urgency, and professionalism. When I was admitted to the hospital for my surgeries, the nurses were outstanding and my doctors were out of this world when it came to answering questions and giving me post op instructions. This is my go to hospital every time. No second thoughts.

Rating: 1 /5


was grossly misdiagnosed, went to the emergency room with chest pains. the symptoms were of angina, pure and simple. they did a blood test showing i did not have a heart attack, but the majority of tests were done on lungs and chest. after 4 hours and a 16 thousand dollar bill the doc told me it was my muscle between my right shoulder blade and spine, and it causing muscles in right shoulder and arm to hurt. suggested i get shots to relieve the pain, gave me script for muscle relaxers. was told there was nothing wrong with my heart. since then I went to Huntsville hospital where they found 85% blockage in LAD, put in a stent and the pain is gone. DO NOT GO to Crestwood hospital if you have serious heart problems. I talked to an advocate with the hospital, but turns out it is all show. they indicate I did receive appropriate care and was billed appropriately. It's your life, learn from others mistakes.

Rating: 1 /5

Roby Dorsett

Possibly one if the worst experiences ever! After going to a family medical place they sent us here for lab work. Then decide to put us in a room. As we wait for a typically, incredibly long time. My wife's pain counties to elevate. With other medical conditions this causes more issues. AFC got the pain under control, for 40 minutes I continued to ask if they could do something to continue to manage the pain. They'd say the nurse would be out....and nothing. So, issue one...incompetence or lying. Then we get to a room and I ask the "rude waitress" with no compassion. Her response is she isn't a nurse and her job is to shuffle people around. I say, "this place is unbelievable." To atypical excuse me! Response...(enter her oh-so caring and compassionate attitude) and she responds about not having to take this type of abuse and she'll get security and doesn't have to stand for this. My response....silence and walk away. Issue 2...same as issue one, even though I didn't respond, guess who comes knocking? Yup. This hospital's staff are rude, incompetent, and probably the worst, lack compassion. I highly doubt the hospital board use their own building. HR, you might consider adding a personality test of some sort or calling those referrals to see about people. Fail

Rating: 5 /5

Zachary Ergle

All I can say is WOW. I was treated extremely well at Crestwood during my stay after bariatric surgery. The staff is so friendly and attentive. I felt I was their top priority. Everyone i came into contact with was very professional and courteous. I will recommend anyone looking to have bariatric surgery to check out Crestwood. Amazing job!!!