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310 S Falls Blvd, Wynne, AR 72396, USA
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Consumer feedback about Crossridge Community Hospital

Rating: 1 /5

Jamie Guthrie

My boyfriend and I have sat up here for 3 hours now and the only thing they have done is checked for flu, draw blood, and made him pee in a cup. We haven't gotten any results back yet. Been here for 3 hours and we gotten nothing! They don't come in to check on anyone. I definitely won't be coming back here. They take to long. He's hurting and they haven't done nothing about it. Then the woman who checks the blood pressure and temp has the nastiest attitude!!!

Rating: 1 /5

Leslie Elkins

I went there for extreme back pain BC my back went out and I couldn't make the slightest movement without screaming in pain and they told me it was just a urinary tract infection and didn't give me anything to alleviate my pain when the. Urinary infection was probably a coincidence at the time of my back go8ng out I had to go to a different er to get help and all the pain meds did was to help me sleep off. The pain but it was better than nothing which was more than they gave me and on another occasion I had a reaction to a wasp sting and one of the nurses administered epinephrin into my IV and I thought and felt like I was going to die and I did some research and found out that it's supposed to be administered intramuscular and then again I almost passed out and half lost my eyesight while taking a shower and felt almost indescribably and they didn't even exam me or run any test so if you fear for your life crossridge should be the last place you should go to seek help

Rating: 1 /5

Jackie Williams

My doctor told me my x-rays showed pneumonia and I needed to go to hospital. Crossridge was close so I went to ER there. After lots of questions and long wait in a virtually empty ER, A nurse took me to a room to be seen by the doctor. I had to go to the restroom. When I came back to patient room, a doctor was standing just inside the room glaring at me. He immediately said "DO YOU WANT ADMITTED TO THE HOSPITAL OR NOT?" I said "No, not necessarily. My doctor called and said I have pneumonia and need to go to the hospital. I did not get up this morning and just decide to go to the hospital." He said "Well, it's Friday and they're just trying to cover their ass over the weekend.". His name is Dr. Erwin. Horrible man, terrible place. I told him there was no damn way I would stay at that hospital. I flung my blanket and went out to find an administrator. She claimed she would check on this. BS. I called my doctor who was appalled and he said go to St. Bernard's at Jonesboro. Crossridge is affiliated with St. Bernard and I plan to complain to their administration also. You can only get admitted to Crossridge if you have a doctor in Wynne. Who knew??? But, the ER doctor Erwin never checked me at all, just attacked me as soon as I walked in the door. I seriously did not know that it was such a HORRIBLE place. Don't go.

Rating: 5 /5

David Grigsby

Saved My Mother's Life when she had a Heart Attack.

Rating: 5 /5

Russ Oguin

Great care given