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8 reviews

About Cuero Regional Hospital

Cuero Regional Hospital has served the citizens of Cuero, Goliad, Kenedy, Nixon, Westhoff, Yoakum, Yorktown, and all rural surrounding communities since 1970.
The hospital’s Emergency Department features six fully private treatment rooms and a designated Level IV Trauma Center, it also features an intensive care unit, rehabilitation department for both inpatient and outpatient rehabilitation, laboratory with emergency clinical laboratory services, and BFit Cuero wellness center.
Other services provided by Cuero Regional Hospital include Orthopedics, Podiatry, Sleep Services, Surgical Services, Imaging, and Outpatient Specialty clinics.

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  • Short Term Acute Care Rating 3.1
(8 reviews)

Rami Flores

Cuero has always been my go to hospital, from emergencies to delivering my child. However, I brought 1 year old in to the ER with a fever that spiked greatly while at hospital. The ER nurse was very nice and did her best to make my child feel comfortable. Then there was the on call doctor, DR. EAST. He rudely rushed in and stated "I only have 3 seconds, so hurry up and let me see her because I'm busy" and roughly grabbed my child and complained because she wasn't cooperating. Busy or not, this is his JOB. If the ER is your only option, I recommend asking who the on call doctor is and if it DR. EAST, I would advise you not to waste your time because you will be a waste of his.

Rogelio Machuca

Lerma, Ruben MD refused to give me any medical aid and called me crazy. Very Shity doctor

Clay Allen

My daughter, Sydney, had a migraine headache. For those who know, the pain is indescribable. For those who don't know, take my word for it! We arrived at Cuero Hospital around 6 PM on Saturday 26 May. There was almost no wait. The ER Nurse, Victoria, was such a professional and so very supportive of my daughter, her care and concern made Sydney feel better without meds. My daugher was nauseous from the pain and Victoria immediately contacted the ER physician and gave my daughter some anti-nausea medication. She deserves 5 stars all by herself. Dr Feng Wang was the ER physician and he came immediately after Victoria completed her preliminary exam. A few questions and he ordered the standard migraine pain shot for my daughter and the relief was almost immediate. Victoria returned to check on Sydney several times while the meds were taking effect. 30 minutes later we were checked out and on the way home. Sydney told me she was so impressed. Cuero Hospital had been treating her since she was 4 years old and she felt like it was coming home to see family.

James Beene

I was admitted after a truck wreck I had on FM 766 and the service and concern these Nurses and Doctor gave me was so warm and over all a pleasant experience. the Nurses working the midnight shift were simply put angels. They attended to me and my needs and were really the nicest ladies I had the honor to meet. They will remain for ever in my hear. Thank you folks for being there in my time of need. as always Mr. beenet

Dirty South

The hospital did not change linens, did not fold linens, and never updated the board for our daily plan. I was told to bring an alarm clock since they refused to wake me up to assist in caring for my son since my wife is disabled. They insisted on helping with the feedings and the same hospital put a splint on my arm last weekend. I filed a complaint against a day nurse for the noise level. The feedback the nurses team was that my wife was doing great when I went home for meals, since only she was being fed despite the fact that she is disabled and I should have been assisting in the care of our son. While going home for meals a nurse claimed she was not doing diaper changes which resulted in CPS refusing to let us see our child. They have literally tread on the rights of a disabled mother, refused to enable a husband assist her and mislead us through the entire ordeal. Not to mention the fact that they did not even place all three leads to monitor my child so they would not have to turn off the alarms, since he had pneumonia and was in the incubator within the facility. They alleged physical neglect, which in Texas means you are not providing food, clothes or shelter for your child. All three of these were provided by the mother in the form of breastfeeding, clothes and the baby was in the hospital the entire time since birth (90+ hours in the incubator after 14 hours in the room in which the nurse noticed he was gasping for air after I alerted her that I believe he had the hiccups)