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1912 AL-157, Cullman, AL 35058, USA
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Consumer feedback about Cullman Regional Medical Center

Rating: 1 /5

Elizabeth Akridge

Took my mom to ER yesterday. She was incredibly sick at her stomach as well as terrible cough and side pains. We were there about 6 hours. We never once saw a doctor and not a nurse practitioner either, as far as I could tell. When we left, she was not a single bit better than when we went in. There were a couple times when no one came in the room for probably an hour. I had to go track somebody down for everything when there were tons of nurses standing around in the hallway doing nothing. She was discharged and not given a single cough medicine and she told them multiple times of her drug allergies and they still gave her a medicine she was allergic to, according to her pharmacist. I wouldn't suggest going here as these people have no idea what they're doing and you probably won't even see a real doctor because apparently only nurses work there. Pretty sure she was misdiagnosed as well or at least not fully diagnosed.

Rating: 1 /5

Jacob Arthur

I knew I broke my hand, went in, took an hour to take 3 xrays, then an hour to read them, then got told it wasn't broke. Got a call the next morning saying they got my results back and that it was, in fact, broke. Well why was I told that it wasn't?? I would hate to know I was going to have surgery here...

Rating: 1 /5

william lee

I came into the E.R. I've been having blood in my stool. Dr confirmed it was blood in my stool. They drew blood. Did a scan. Then had shift change. Haven't seen a nurse nor have I gotten my results. Four hours after labs and scan and shift change. No I.V. and nothing for pain and nausea.

Rating: 1 /5

Robert DeSmedt

This place is a joke! My fiancé came in with severe abdominal pains and headache with problems with her vision...they did a c.t scan said nothing was wrong and didn't even address the abdominal pain. They discharged her after 3+ hours of being there and not answering a single question as to why she was having these issues.

Rating: 1 /5

Anon NTS

If you’re going to take a loved one to this hospital, then start making out their will. A dear friend of the family who was winning his battle with cancer died here and it wasn’t the disease that took him. He died by suffocating for 24 minutes with family watching on helplessly and an EMT having to force the doctor to intervene. The arrogance of this doctor is so profound I believe he thinks he’s god himself despite his practice clearly saying otherwise. To shut up the EMT, the doctor decided to have a CT scan run on the man’s lungs. The man who had already been butchered at that hospital by a horrendous surgery never had lung problems. The cancer was in his throat. The surgery left him with a section of his colon attached to his esophagus and his stomach being yanked up behind his heart and yet the clever Dr. decided the dying man needed his lungs looked at. It was only until they tried sticking a breathing tube down his throat and were abruptly stopped by a mass of mucous that the problem was found but by then it was too late. Our friend was pronounced brain dead and unnecessarily died 10/21/17 by choking on his own phlegm in Cullman Regional Hospital. Don’t ever take your loved ones here. Heck, don’t even take your enemies here. I’m sincerely hoping legal actions are taken.