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Krissy Schaeffer
Krissy Schaeffer

1 out of 5 stars

posted 3 months ago

I give them one star I had a wrist fracture in December an was set up to have surgery with Dr Fites the next day. Although he did fix my wrist but still have numbness in two of my fingers. When asked why this was he says it its little nerves in my fingers over reacting from the injury. But if you look at my medical report he reports he doesn't see why im having this numbness and that my medical suggests I'm just over sensitive. Im sorry i do have fibromyalgia but no I'm not over sensitive my fingers were never numb before this happened and fyi my fingers also never curved inward like they do now. If you can't help a patient then state you don't know how to help but don't you dare blame the patient. I deal with pain daily due to fibromyalgia but I have never had anything go numb or curve inward due to fibromyalgia. And i can also trace the numbness from where he did the carpel tunnel release up to my two fingers. Im so disappointed and so angry that i have to deal with this now. And then to have fibro blamed so not called for an just unprofessional. I will never be back to this place. To sum it up I went to him looking for answers and if he didn't have the answers then so be it but don't assume things and that was all he did. And when he came up with no answer he I feel he blamed it on my fibromyalgia. I would of respected him more if he just said he didn't know. Shame on you

paul hogie
paul hogie

5 out of 5 stars

posted 2 years ago

Dr Mantone and the Avera staff are amazing! They all are exceptionally professional, courteous, , experienced, and highly skilled in their professions. They kept me comfortable and preoccupied with casual conversation to distract me from undesirable thoughts regarding the surgical procedure. The procedure was completed quickly and it was actually a pleasant experience. I left with no pain whatsoever. Thank you!