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443 reviews

About Dallas Va Medical Center – Va North Texas

Dallas Va Medical Center is part of VA North Texas Health Care System along with Sam Rayburn Memorial Veterans Center, Fort Worth Outpatient Clinic, Tyler VA Primary Care Clinic, Polk Street VA Annex Clinic, and five community-based outpatient clinics serving a veteran population of over 134,000 active patients in 38 counties in North Texas and 2 in southern Oklahoma.
Dallas VAMC includes an acute care medical center; primary care and multi-specialty outpatient clinics; a transitional care unit; a comprehensive spinal cord injury center; and a psychiatric residential rehabilitation treatment program.

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  • veterans Administration Acute Care Rating 3.3
(443 reviews)


Parking is terrible, shuttle buses are too tall, and no valet service at emergency, valet service at the front door is undermanned. Now for the good news, all of the employees are extremely helpful and professional, I asked a house keeper for directions, her stoped what he was doing and walked me to the area I needed, after hours the a policeman gave me a ride to the parking lot because I parked so far away, and finally all the employees seem to be happy and not stressed out. I even asked one person how the liked working there, They replied “ wouldn’t want to work anyplace else “ . For one of the largest hospitals in the world they do a pretty good job.

caroline vigilante

Great experience at the VA in Dallas - helpful, polite and courteous We did not mind waiting in long lines - as it is expected. There are a lot of vets who need help -- my dad is one of them. I am forever grateful to this facility and the staff - specifically the plastic surgeon and his asst Chan. Thanks so much, Caroline Vigilante and Vernon Johnson

Jason Kendall

I’m a combat retired army ranger and have been treated with respect and care at four other VA health systems across the US. I just moved to Dallas for work. My experience with the Dallas VA ER? Now I understand why some veterans choose the easier way out. Complete disgrace and extremely unprofessional staff. Really disappointed here.

chris meyer

Probably the worst place to try to get your prescription refilled. I saw a resident instead of my dr (1st mistake). The resident said she would fill my prescription right then and it would take a day or 2 to ship. I've been out of meds since the day of the visit. Unfortunately I have to wait for another 2 weeks before they will even ship. How does this make any sense????? They've completely lost their minds.

Tereka Kelly

Fast service. Kind people. Great service to veterans. Love complimentary coffee!