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218 Old Mocksville Rd, Statesville, NC 28625, USA
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Consumer feedback about Davis Regional Medical Center

Rating: 5 /5

Ashley Welch

Just had my daughter here on December 5,2017 and it was a great experience. All the nurses and staff where very friendly and helpful. I loved that they are very mindful of personal space and the importance of bonding time with minimal interruptions. if you need them for anything they come to you very fast. My entire experience here was a dream and I loved it. I have had 2 other births at iredell memorial and Davis was much better in my opinion.

Rating: 1 /5


I hated it! The nurses were giving me drugs and told me it was just Motrin. They let me sleep for hours even though I told them to wake me up because my baby will be hungry and I’m only breast-feeding and they decided to give her a pacifier for about six hours! When I left they didn’t give me any pain medicine at all even though my doctor prescribed it I’m pretty sure one of the nurses took it home with her. They told me that I couldn’t get up to go to the bathroom after I had my baby until my doctor said it was OK so I had to hold it for 12 hours! When they gave me the epidural which they pretty much forced me to do because all I wanted to do was the IV pain medicine and they told me that they weren’t going to give it to me anymore and that I had to get the epidural so I tried the epidural and it was completely wrong I still have back problems today from it and I felt everything during labor and delivery I literally broke my back for nothing! Both of their anesthesiologist suck they got the epidural wrong on not only me but also my sister! They kept telling me when and how I have to push out my baby and I was doing it on my own time that really made me mad! You can’t just push until you pass out you have to have breaks when you are pushing! Some of the nurses weren’t very nice to me and I guess you could say I had like the worst experience in the world I was so disappointed and angry! I hear wonderful things about Forsyth hospital I would definitely recommend going there over this place!

Rating: 5 /5

Mariel Keyser

I, personally, had an amazing experience at Davis Regional! I am a patient of Natural Beginnings Birth Center in Statesville, and if you want to have a hospital delivery, you are admitted at Davis. I was under the care of Nicole Winecoff (midwife from Natural Beginnings), but the nursing staff was amazing. I can't say enough great things about them.... Especially L&D nurse Meg! She and all the other nurses were so helpful and kind, and also respected all of my wishes. The anesthesiologist was very nice too, and my epidural went smoothly. I am very, very pleased with my experience, and if I end up having another baby, I will be planning on a hospital birth at Davis.

Rating: 4 /5

Heather Troxler

I was recently at the ER and admitted to the hospital. The first ER visit was great. Had a great doctor and great nurses that were so helpful. The second time, was pure hell. The doctor I had the second time was rude, unprofessional, mean, didn't care about privacy and didn't care about my needs as a patient. He was a complete a**hole! My hospital visit on the 3rd floor was great! The doctor, nurses and staff were so nice. They helped me in any way they could. Despite the one horrible ER doctor, I do recommend Davis as a good hosiptal. Plus, when going to the ER I didn't have to wait long at all, so that's a big plus!

Rating: 1 /5

James Gregory

I went there last night and saw dr Sullivan. I came with the threat of heart attack. He did not care for me. And I left feeling worse than when I came. Now I'm wandering. Is it a brain aneurysm that I may have. Flip a coin. Idk