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320 Pomfret St, Putnam, CT 06260, United States
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Consumer feedback about Day Kimball Hospital

Rating: 2 /5

Jimmy Grits

We've been here twice for when our two children were born. The two stars that we're giving are for the staff: all the nurses, doctors, and other support staff we've interacted with have always had great bedside manner, were extremely compassionate and caring, extremely attentive, and seemed willing to go to the ends of the Earth to care for my family. Never have we received such wonderful service - the DKH Birthing Center staff should be proud of themselves - truly top notch. The reason I'm only giving two stars however is due to the horrific layout of this hospital. It seems like the person who was in charge of deciding the flow of traffic both in the parking lot and in the halls of the hospital has no idea what they're doing. Driving through the parking lot, it's a maze to make sense of all the different one-ways. You can be 20 feet from the exit, but have to drive all the way around the building in order to exit the parking lot. There are only a handful of spaces for patients at the Birthing Center, and they are almost always full. That would be okay, if there were a way to access the Birthing Center easily from the other parking lots - but there's not. If you walk in the main entrance, there's no signs for the Birthing Center - you have to stumble through the halls and hope to God you somehow accidentally find elevator B. And that's only allowed if it's a weekday - if it's the weekend, you're out of luck. My one year-old daughter and I were there on the weekend, and so we had to walk through the icy parking lot and negative temperatures with no sidewalks through the blind turns and hope we don't fall and break our neck and get run over by some car speeding around the turn. This was truly dangerous. I asked the staff if there was some way to access the Birthing Center through the hospital, and they confirmed that there isn't on the weekends. During the week, when you do manage to access the Birthing Center through the halls, there's actually a caveat where you can't go back the way you came. You can get TO the birthing center from the faraway parking lot, but to get back to the parking lot, the doors are locked, and you are again forced out into the cold and ice with no sidewalks in the blind turns. Why would you only be able to go one way and not the other?? Because the person in charge of these decisions has no clue what they're doing. If you want to leave the Birthing Center and go to the cafeteria, guess what: that's right, outside you go again. You can go from the cafeteria to the Birthing Center through the halls, but not the other way. So, to conclude: the staff is amazing, but the coordination of the halls and parking lot are truly the most illogical and insane thing I've ever seen an organization of this size do. They're truly out-of-touch with the needs and the flow of the patients and their visitors, and it's shameful that they refuse to change and force people to walk so far through dangerous conditions for no logical reason. If you have a choice, I would recommend you choose a hospital that has their act together a little more.

Rating: 5 /5

Diana Fournier

I have arrived at the hospital by ambulance a couple of times. I was treated so well. I have no problems when I go there. Where I really rate a five plus would be the wound center. Dr Colesin is amazing. Very professional but very gentle and kind at the same time. He has been treating my feet for some time now. The nurses at the wound care should all get accommodations. Just love everyone. They too care so much. I feel very confident that the wound care and personal will get rid of my last ulcer. I could just keep going but hopefully I have made it an easy decision as to where to go for wound care. Good luck all and thanks for listening. Hope this helps someone.

Rating: 5 /5

nilesh sheth

Best place to get best care overall especially child and maternity care and surgical unit with rehab at home care dept

Rating: 5 /5

P.trainman1957 Smith

They saved my life. I would be dead if they were not around

Rating: 1 /5

Lifetime Bonus

Although the staff in the ER were all very pleasant, I question the competence of their ability to correctly diagnose and treat an illness. The physicians assistant who treated me was very young, so I have to assume she was fresh out of school, which is fine but I would have felt more comfortable at least knowing if she consulted with an actual MD. I was very clear when describing my symptoms, when they occurred, what preceded them etc but was under the distinct impression I was being dismissed. Not in a rude way but the diagnosis and treatment prescribed did not seem very relevant to my symptoms, nor did they improve my condition whatsoever. I left there with a diagnosis of "cough, pleurisy, and bronchitis, not specified as acute or chronic", a prescription for ibuprofen 600mg, and an albuterol inhaler. I followed up with my local community health center after several days of no improvement, only to find out I had walking pneumonia caused by a bacteria, which required a round of antibiotics and tussin cf with codeine. The thing is, I bypassed the health clinic in the first place because I wanted to make sure I was not misdiagnosed. I even specifically stated I was concerned about pneumonia and asked about a particular cough medicine which the PA said "I don't prescribe that, it's a controlled substance. It's not like you're coughing up a lung." The ONLY test they did besides physical examination, was swab my nose to test for flu virus, which was negative. I'm not sure why they thought I had pleurisy, since an x-Ray is generally required to confirm such a diagnosis, and they did not do one. I have never written a negative review about any service or business, especially when the majority of the staff were very nice and tried to comfort me. But had I not sought out a second opinion, I could have potentially ended up with a much more serious condition due to such a gross misdiagnosis. How hard is it to perform a few basic tests to confirm or rule out a particular ailment. Medical professionals need to listen to their patients. It could save a life, which is, after all why they get paid to do what they do.