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200 Trenton Rd, Browns Mills, NJ 08015, USA
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Consumer feedback about Deborah Heart and Lung Center

Rating: 5 /5

Gloria Wilson

My daughter was with you guys and her heart was jumping out of her chest. You found cause and gave us the specialist she needed from my endocrinologist. Thank you Jesus. Now happy married. My baby MIA M. WILSON THE JOY OF HER GOOD MADE ME WANT TO GAVE BACK, BUT, WE ARE POOR. SO, I WENT TO THE grocery store right behind the hospital had 3 huge fruit basket made for three shifts on my daughter's floor. Now, my love of 30 hearts ask me about ,if he sure get is self checked out, answer was yes. This man passed January 9th, as we tried to get him to Deborah as his wish. JAMES C. DOWNEY RIP I AM GLORIA, WHO STAYED AT DEBORAH HOTEL A WEEK BY HIS SIDE, THANKS to the incredible work you do

Rating: 1 /5

Chong P

I have been in Deborah hospital for over 20 years as a out patient. I am glad to meet wonderful doctor (Dr. Martin Lansang) and Nurse Tony who helped me today. But the problem is the unkind, rude and ignorant attitude staff who working at the registration desk and Lab. Every time I come to this hospital they treated me like I’m a Invisible person, most time they did not even say hello or greeted. With the patients in front of them, there are always several staffs busy with their own personal stories. I did complain to the staff coordinator a while ago, but nothing seems to improved. All the staff who working at this hospital seem to be unhappy to work here or acting like work for free. Rather, volunteers are more friendly than people who get paid. If it is not happy to work that much, it is better to vacate your seat. People who are more sincere and prefer to serve customers are looking for a job. Many patients' insurance companies are paying a lot of medical expenses, and it is clear that patients will never want to be treated like this. I hope the staff will recognize these problems and fix them, As soon as possible!!!

Rating: 5 /5

Michael Riley

Great doctors, great nurses, great and friendly staff. These individuals love to help people. Had my artificial heart valve here and got top notch care.

Rating: 1 /5

brian efferen

Pretty sure the doctor swiped my phone out of the area where I was being seen. Or my phone magically teleported from the table next to me to inside the nurses station. That’s 10 feet away. When I haven’t moved. Thank god for find my iPhone.

Rating: 5 /5

Rick Pelrine Sr

Deborah saved my fathers life. He was there for a cardiac catheterization. Shortly after the procedure, when he returned back to his room he suffered a heart attack. I was in the room and once it happened, 4 doctors were there in an instant. They ushered me out and tended to him. He immediately had a triple bypass and I know in my heart that if he was not at Deborah, he would not be with me today. That was 25 years ago... :-)