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1201 7th St SE, Decatur, AL 35601, USA
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Consumer feedback about Decatur Morgan Hospital-Decatur Campus

Rating: 1 /5

Sherry Whitlock

The worst excuse for an emergency room doctor & staff! Very rude and unprofessional. The doctor & nurses are more concerned with making jokes about patients and family members wearing masks to protect themselves from gettinv sick, than they are the welfare of the patient. Pathetic

Rating: 5 /5

Beth York

I had a surgery yesterday. Nurse Nancy, Nurse Katie, and Nurse Andrea were wonderful. Nurse Nancy took care of me pre-surgery and she really made me feel comfortable. Nurse Katie was very attentive after my surgery and really went above and beyond to help me with my pain and my nausea. I felt like I was their only patient. I couldn't be more grateful for such a good nursing team and surgical team. Thank you for making me so comfortable, Decatur Morgan Hospital.

Rating: 1 /5

dk lowery

I was in there from 6:30 Am till 10:30 AM..Got xrays.... blood work... urine sample just to find out 4 hours later I was constipated.. They literally forgot about me....If I could I would give them -100.....Not busy...Staff loud and laughing..People walking up down hall... Very unprofessional...

Rating: 1 /5

Michael Little

I went to ER on Thursday night with my back hurting very bad and yes I had tears in my eyes because of the pain. The doctor I had was fairly good. He gave me a shot for the pain and told me if you are not any better in a few hours come back and we will try a different shot. Well I came back a few hours later because the pain was worse and now I was throwing up. As soon as I got into the room another doctor walks in and looks at me and says sir you need to get out of here there is nothing we can do for you. I looked at him and said look I am in real pain and all I am looking for is a shot of anything that will help until I can get to my normal doctor on Monday. I also said I am not asking for pain pills just something to help now and I will take my BC powders until Monday. The doctor knew that I have buldging disk in my back and neck. Anyway he said just leave sir and walked out of the room. This so called doctor didnt care how I was didn't care I was throwing up nothing!!! Most unprofessional doctor I ever seen. Anyway I left and came home and just delt with it until I got a friend to take me to the Madison hospital. They really helped me. All I can say is if you are really needing some help STAY AWAY from Decatur General. Again I told them about the doctor I was seeing on Monday and didn't want pain pills just something to make me somewhat comfortable until I saw my doctor and this so called doctor tells me to leave, and get out now. What kind of people are they??

Rating: 1 /5

kerry fohner

Staff receives higher stars, but the hospital management gets 0 stars. Never received a bill because they sent to wrong address, I have been in several times with kids but for this bill they sent to the wrong city - same street address, return mail, never raised a flag to check the records and see what may have been wrong. Was turned over to credit collections without ever having received a bill or talking to anyone. Paid bill and 6 months later still dealing with collections wanting money for a bill that was paid in full at the time I received notification.