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Consumer feedback about Delaware County Memorial Hospital

Harshini Jayaratne
Harshini Jayaratne

1 out of 5 stars

posted 4 days ago

Dr. Kornienko is awful. Didn’t know tests were done, didn’t know results were in and didn’t know how to communicate this with patient. He came in the morning, was in the middle of talking to me, his phone rang and he left. Never came back, had to request he be paged. Nurses were amazing but when the top of the chain is awful- hard to feel good or recommend a place. He doesn’t come across as he cares about people. Even if he is the most amazing Dr, you still need to learn to interact with the public.

Shawnda Bey
Shawnda Bey

1 out of 5 stars

posted 2 weeks ago

One nurse threw pillows on my bed when I got to the floor to my room. They did not check up on me. There was no hourly rounding, nor did the write on the white boards. They brought my linen to me @ 11:30am. W/out soap and etc.... I have to get a scan. The Doctor said that they will come bc w the results... Guess what they never came bc. Until 10pm....

Kadijah Hage
Kadijah Hage

1 out of 5 stars

posted 1 month ago

I Was At The Emergency Room Yesterday.. Got Checked By The Security (Which I Understand For Safety) I Registered At The Front Desk.. I Had A Major Problem (Bleeding Severely For The Past 3days)That I Told Them About But They Had Me Waiting For Over 3 Hours Without Being Called In To See A Doctor But They Kept Calling People That I Came Before (Which I’ve Never Seen In My Life) Always First Come First Served So I Went Over To The Front Desk & Asked Why I Haven’t Been Called In But Others That I Came Before Are Going In (Over 10 People) & She Told Me It’s Not The Front Desk Fault But The Nurses That Are Inside.. So I Went Back To My Seat & Sat For A While To See If I’m Next To Be Called But Yet Still They Called Another Person In So I Got Frustrated & Left.. Then I Had To Pay For The 3 Hours Parking (Garage Parking) Without Getting The Treatment I Went For.. I’ll Never Go Back To This Hospital Again & Wish I Could Give A Half Star

Imjust Me
Imjust Me

4 out of 5 stars

posted 3 weeks ago

Okay first I was told for years do not go to Dcmh,it's horrible .
But had choice of Bryn Mawr or here,this time chose here and glad I did.

Went into emergency room with advice from my doctor.
Was called in within 5 minutes.
Staff was attentive and kept me informed what was going on.
After 2 hours on ER told me was going to be admitted.
Moved upstairs to floor 5 about a hour later.
Was in hospital for 3 days. I got to say all the Rns where very attentive, especially Danielle and Lydia.
The techs kept me informed of vitals after each time and cleaning person cleaned room each day.
All where very polite, friendly and again kept me in loop what was going on.

The food also was good,with a wide selection of choices for all 3 meals.

The rooms ,though can tell have seen better days was clean and well laid out.

Overall give it 4 out of 5 because rooms could be improved and the layout of the hospital in general could be improved but staff deserve 5 stars .

Haroon Saki
Haroon Saki

1 out of 5 stars

posted 4 months ago

The receptionist sitting in the ER Department was unprofessional. My wife was pregnant and I approached the receptionist to ask a question, but was met with a dismissive look and a dismissive answer. This is a hospital, these workers need training in basic sympathy for patients. Tons of people are leaving similar comments but this doesn't seem to get resolved. Her name tag wasn't visible. She was on shift at 6.17pm on 8/29. Her manager should coach her on proper attitude.

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