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3.7 Rating 3.7
311 reviews

About Dell Children’s Medical Center

Dell Children’s Medical Center is a free-standing children’s hospital and pediatric level 1 trauma center located in Central Texas.
Dell Children’s Medical Center is a full-service specialty care hospital and emergency department specialized in caring for kids, in addition to a level IV neonatal intensive care unit (NICU).
Other pediatric specialty programs include asthma, allergy and immunology, behavioral health, cardiovascular, dermatology, ear, nose and throat, endocrinology, epilepsy, gastroenterology, heart failure and transplant, neurology & neurosurgery, ophthalmology, orthopedics & sports medicine, rehabilitation, and surgical services.

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  • Childrens Rating 3.7
(311 reviews)

Brian Teran

Had double jaw surgery here a month ago by Dr. Combs and he did an excellent job. The nurses were wonderful and very attentive. Although there was not much to do the staff always kept a piso and encouraging attitude, it made the stay feel so swell.

Joel Mosier

My grandson was sick and 50-50 for days. This place and it's people are fantastic. I have never seen so much dedicated, individual care from a staff of doctors and nurses. I am a fan. My grandson....he is alive and full of life. Thank you. You are the best.

Geoffrey Bretches

Both of my sons have had major back surgery at Dell Children's Hospital under the care of orthopaedic surgeon Dr. Matthew Beck. I have nothing but respect and thanks for the surgical procedures and nursing care my boys received. The care has absolutely changed their lives. The nurses were so good with them. The environment so pleasant. We have had the best hospital experiences here.

Loree Parrish

My son had his ear surgery, everything went great until the point he came out of surgery. The nurses seemed very annoyed that he was having a hard time waking up. They were in a big hurry to get us to leave the hospital. They basically forced us to move him into a wheelchair while he was in a semiconscious state. He ended up throwing up because of the forceful approach they took. Our ear specialist did a great job but the actual hospital can be summed up with the last thing one of the nurses said to me while he was in the restroom. "Is he done yet?"

Erin Gates

We've felt so cared for the 2 stays we've had here for our baby boy (nicu and surgery). So blessed to be near this hospital.