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Consumer feedback about Delray Medical Center

Rating: 4 /5

Rabbi Natkin

I have been hospitalized here since January and am located in the new tower building. Older comments seem to have been heard as the room is clean and bright with a (to me) big screen flat TV with 40 channels of Direct TV. The purveyor of food has changed very recently and is getting up to speed on the needs of patients and staff. You do not go to the hospital to have fine food, but creative names and nice presentation even make the jello appetizing. I applaud the dedication and professionalism of the nursing staff especially during this crowded flu season. The ER was fast to diagnose and recognize what I needed, especially since there are many aspects to my current stay, While capacity has increased, the wait for the room was not short, There is a new CEO for this institution and many changes are in store. This has been my hospital of choice over the last 5 years since I moved 5 years ago.

Rating: 5 /5

R Cook

The nurses were compassionate and tended to my every need. The room was tidy. Good physician communication. The nurse management came in to my room to check on me daily,and I even saw the CNO that asked how my care was and if there was anything to make my stay better. I have visited many hospitals in USA, UK and Germany and the staff were the best I have dealt with in a long time. Thank you to Delray I am back at home with my wife.

Rating: 5 /5

Daniel Lassman

The nurses and physicians at this hospital are nothing short of miracle workers. They have treated us with compassion, care and do whatever it takes to give your loved ones the best experience in difficult times. My family and I are thankful for them and their sacrifice. The new wing of the hospital is especially nice.

Rating: 5 /5

Richard Marsh

Very well received at the emergency room registration. They took all information and vitals. Placed in a room and was diagnosed very quickly. Was sent for CT Scan very quickly. Great care and all the staff were very caring.

Rating: 4 /5

Bee Wills

I was in a serious motorcycle accident august 23rd of this year, I sustained several fractures to my leg, back, foot, hand and hip/pelvis. They took me into the emergency room and proceeded to save my foot because I had severed arteries around my shin which was preventing my foot from getting blood flow.. they saved my foot and my life because I had a collapsed lung as well. Their trauma center and doctors saved my life.. ICU nurses were nice as well. I'm sure everyones experience is different but I have to say mine was more positive than it was a negative experience. I may have a bunch of metal in my body now but I am still alive on my way to making a full recovery thanks to the doctor's at Delray trauma center. Thank you. 🙏