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2075 E Flamingo Rd, Las Vegas, NV 89119, USA
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Consumer feedback about Desert Springs Hospital

Rating: 5 /5

Nancy Perkins

My husband and I were scheduled to fly home from Vegas but a medical emergency landed us at the hospital rather than on an airplane. We spent about 30 hours at Desert Springs, starting in the emergency room, then being admitted over night. The hospital staff, top to bottom, could not have been nicer or more compassionate. Of course, no one would ever choose the experience, but the entire staff did their utmost to be kind, professional and expedient to safely get us on our way home. Many, many thanks to everyone at Desert Springs Hospital!!!

Rating: 5 /5

Oscar Mora

Rosie Tran, the very best RN nurse one could ever have. This hospital is very extremely fortunate to have an employee like her! She made us feel very comfortable from the very beginning. She introduced her self, checked up on my sister ever couple of hours to make sure she was fine, and the the end of her shift she would let us know who would take over and give her good byes. She even stopped by on the days she wasn't assign to assist my sister when she started her shift and when she left her shift to check up on my sister. She even made friend with my mom whom she speak very little english! Thank you soo much Rosie for making this traumatic time of our life that much easier to bare!!

Rating: 1 /5

Mark Jones

This hospital is the worst .... They took blood 3 times gave my every unnecessary test under the sun just to fine out I was fine(to bill my insurance) ...Was in triage for 13 hrs with no food or water .. or Dr ...kept telling me we are waiting for a room and the doctor will go over what we have to do next IT NEVER HAPPENED IN 13 HOURS!!!!!..Spring Valley is in there network... NO to them too just as bad I am sure..Nothing but Filipino nurses everywhere .. That can't have a conversation without thinking they are right and dismissing your needs ... ..Had to discharge myself because it was such a bunch of BS to get no answers ...When the bill comes I will dispute ever unnecessary test that was giving ... Wont pay a penny !!!! ..The medical industry is a scam it's not at all about helping you It's about taking your money and masking the symptoms .. THE MONEY ISN'T IN THE CURE IT'S IN THE TREATMENT !!!!

Rating: 2 /5

Chuck Spaeth

On 1/17/2018 I checked myself out of the hospital, immediately after a stress test due to Congestive Heart Failure. They had done several tests over the 2 days I was in ICU, but the only diagnosis they gave me was "it's not good ", and " only 15 % of my heart was functioning ". I checked myself in at 5 am on the 15th, after visiting an urgent care facility who wanted to immediately transport my by ambulance, but I refused stating I would drive myself. I really didn't feel any pain, just shortness of breath and fatigue. So 4 days later when things didn't subside I went to the ER. They Immediately took me to ICU and put me in a room with a gentleman who had Pneumonia and started tests. The nurse who put the IV in hit a nerve that made me tear, and after begging to remove it or I would they simply told me it would make a big mess if I did and then ignored me. Off it came 5 minutes later I yanked it out and a big mess it did make. The next morning the doctor explained " it''s not good ", telling me only 15 % of my heart was operational after he received the x-rays, never showing me any results. He explained we would know more after the nuclear "stress test." This took 2 days because the first test wouldn't be accurate as a result of the Caffeine in the tea THEY had given me for breakfast that morning. After hearing this and thinking about how hesitant I was about even coming here due to the reviews I read prior to admitting myself, I became nervous and decided I was going to check myself out after the final stress test, and notified the nurses. The doctor came in for the second time for another 3 minute consultation, once again only telling me " it's not good ". They made me sign a liability release before I left, and assured me I would be able to " go downstairs and get my records / test results ", but didn't inform me that the hospitals don't rel;ease records directly to patients and it would take up to a month. FINE MEDICAL PRACTICE FOR AN ESTABLISHMENT WHO IS SUPPOSED TO BE SAVING LIVES! They let me go without any notification for prescriptions or advice. This may be reckless on my behalf, and trust me not many things scare me but the emptiness of not knowing what or where to turn next had me worried. Then God stepped in and had an angel call me out of the blue from a medical office not affiliated with the hospital and schedule an appointment, upon which I was immediately prescribed heart meds. It has been 2 weeks since this episode started and I have lost 25 pounds and feel better than I have in months. I often wonder if I would still be alive if I would have caught whatever my roommate had with only 15% of my immune system (heart) functioning had I stayed longer? .

Rating: 4 /5

Joe Mount

I have had not so good experiences there in the past. But last night in emergency room Chris one of the nurses was fantastic. He really took the time and made me feel as good as possible. THANKS CHRIS!! Vivian montross