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Consumer feedback about Dignity Health – Arizona General Hospital

Rating: 1 /5

Nathalie Fuentes

I never and I mean never do I review places. But the service was so bad here I had too. I came in for a ear problem. I waited 2 hours to be seen only to be forgotten in the patient room they stuck me in. But wait there is more, as I'm there I had not seen a single doctor Come see me. Then a nurse walks in trying to take blood out he said they were overwhelmed with people and that by taking blood out, it'd make it faster. So he's about to take blood out and decides to make small talk he then asks me "so what brought you in here" I replied an ear infection. He looks at me and says "oh wait then why am I taking blood out" he is literally asking me. Then they confused my name with my last name and had no idea what patient I was. To top all that off I had two doctors come in and they had to debate who would take me. At this point I'm still calm, but then they stick an ear wick in my ear, he says it will fall out on its own. He pushed it down with a cotton swab. Then tells me to wait that he will bring the ear drops. Comes back with no ear drops and tells me I need to wait in the hallway because they need my room. To top all this off I had to go to another emergency room because I woke up bleeding from my ear. It turned it wasn't swimmers ear like they said it was a it was a ruptured ear. The doctor at banner said the ear wick had probably fell out. So this morning i woke up with more hearing loss and a ball right behind my ear. I decide to take a cotton swab because white chucks of stuff were coming of my ear and guess what I pull out the ear wick it was so shoved in there and made all this puss come out my ear. Black stuff and blood came out as soon as I took it out. That damn ear wick never expanded or fell out. Gosh, I'm so damn angry. ZERO or negative stars if I could rate this honestly. And if anyone knows the number I need to send my complaint please let me know.

Rating: 5 /5

Mayra Rodriguez

I went in 2 in one week for two completely different injuries. Both times I was treated with so much care. I knew I was in good trusting hands. The doctors really did take the time to make sure I was doing ok. The doctors really know what they are doing and are phenomenal at work educating me about my injuries. The entire time I really felt like they truly did care for me as a person. I am forever grateful.

Rating: 1 /5

Evamarie Conrad

I came to this hospital in May for severe back pain and at the time the service I received was great. The doctor and nurse took good care of me. When being discharged I was given a bill based off my insurance company's deductible. I paid the bill in full so I didn't have to worry about a payment plan. I regret this. I overpaid by almost $200! I ha e been trying since June to get my refund back. Finally customer service told me my refund was approved 11/2. That's five months after my first call! Now it's the middle of December and I still haven't received my refund. I called the service again today and was told they couldn't give me a timeframe on how long it would be to get my refund. I asked who I needed to talk to in order to get this solved already. Apparently no matter who I talk to they can't do anything about getting my refund faster. I finally complained to BBB. Hopefully they can do something. I would avoid this place. They seem to just want your money.

Rating: 1 /5

Vei Henderson

I would NOT recommend Dignity to anyone. I went in because I was experiencing stomach pain during my pregnancy. The doctor made several sexually based jokes during my visit the nurse in the room at the time just laughed as if it was appropriate. The ultrasound tech rudely turned the monitor away from me when I mentioned I'd  like a print out/to take a picture of my baby on the monitor. She could've let me know there was a policy against it if that was the case.I would have definately understood. I was only allowed to see the monitor of my child's last ultrasound  for a split second, God rest his soul. My overall experience there was cold and very uncomfortable. When I later let the nurse know I was leaving she was very rude and walked off to the room next to mine. I had to ask a random person in the back area which way to the exit. I hope no one has to experience this. If possible just completely avoid Dignity

Rating: 1 /5

Johnnie Buchanan

Terrible Staff, from the receptionist that acts as if they absolutely their job, down to the nurses, and male nurses in the back! Not to mention how my mother was rushed here by the ambulance to sit in the ER waiting room as she pukes nothing but stomach fluids up while she’s already struggling to breathe. When I went to ask the nurse for help she sat there and looked at me like I spoke a language she didn’t understand! THIS HAS TO BE THE WORST HOSPITAL! Definitely will never come to this place again and it’s the closest one to me. 5 thumbs down