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Consumer feedback about Dominican Hospital

Rating: 4 /5

Ja de

Dec 15, 2017 .... I had back surgery in late October 2017. I had an awesome team of people caring for me during my short stay!!! If I had to dig for the downside, I would say some of the food was not so great (and some of it was fabulous)... so hard to even complain about that. There was also a slight glitch in my discharge paperwork, but that got taken care of. Since discharge paperwork is pretty important, I will remove one star for that.

Rating: 5 /5

Gary Kuehn

At my age (80) I fell and experienced a severe upper thigh-hip fracture. I was almost immediately placed in their ARU (acute rehabilitation unit) within the hospital, following my surgery. My care was absolutely wonderful. Staff pleasant, helpful always attending my needs. Drs always in attendance. What more can I say. I do not know how it could be improved. I am home now and beginning to walk again.

Rating: 4 /5

april porter

Wonderful and friendly staff. Quick and efficient. Waiting room a little too small for my liking especially with so many sick people around. Thanks for the overall good experience!

Rating: 2 /5


The nurses here are heinous. They never actually know what's going on, and are nowhere to be found most of the time. Takes them about 45mins to show up when you page them. Even if you tried to physically find them, you can't. The admittance group on the 1st floor are great. Very kind and helpful.

Rating: 5 /5

Toni Wolfson

Excellent care. Nurses are sharp and friendly. The hospital itself is clean and quiet. As a retired RN, who use to work at an unmentionable "not Good" hospital, over the hill, I am proud of Dominican Hospital, our local outstanding acute care facility. I have experience with friends admitted in oncology and cardiac care and witnessed great care. Thank you Dominican staff !!!