East Texas Medical Center Pittsburg

MedicalRecords.com Rating
19 reviews
MedicalRecords.com Rating 3.4
19 reviews

About East Texas Medical Center Pittsburg

East Texas Medical Center Pittsburg is a 25-bed, critical access hospital providing healthcare to the residents of Camp County and surrounding counties.
ETMC Pittsburg is part of the East Texas Medical Center Regional Healthcare System, a not-for-profit organization serving East Texas.
Some of the hospital services include an emergency department with a level IV trauma center, inpatient and outpatient surgery, cardiology, orthopedics, and advanced diagnostics.

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  • Verify testing center info before going.
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Hospital Type
  • Critical Access Hospitals
  • critical Access
MedicalRecords.com Rating 3.4
(19 reviews)

Martha Mitchell

Doctors, nurses, everyone was friendly and helpful. Doctors and nurses were well educated and well spoken. They took their time and explained things until we understood. Mom recovered quickly.

Andrea Simkins

It's a hit or miss. Some doctors are compassionate but right now as I sit here... I guess my health and I weren't as lucky as to have been blessed with a compassionate ER doctor again. It's definitely not the hospital, it's the doctors. He acted as if he were surprised that I caught him in a lie for refusing to do exactly what they did here in the last emergency.

Lane Pruett

I think this hospital is great. The only set back that I have is where the family practice doctors and offices are - I had insurance thru my company but I set up an appointment with doctors there but they wanted like over $100.00 for the office visit. No way and especially when I have medical insurance. But the hospital part of this facility is great. People are respectful, kind and caring. Thank you!

Sarahbella Gunn

This place is terrible. The ONLY PERSON who treated us with compassion was the office manger. My husband has been going to see Dr. Waddell for over 2 years. However, Dr. Waddell is often absent from the office, they are slow to call back, they are RUDE. My husbands truck got broken into and everything was stolen, including his medication. We were told he could drive the hour to see Dr. Macbeth , by the time he got there the Dr said he couldn’t refill his concerta Rx and the nurse should have told him that. Then a couple weeks later , we get a certified letter from Waddell saying he can no longer provide medical care for him. We called to ask why and it’s because of “questionable behavior” and “3 failed drug screens” at the time he saw Macbeth even though we had the case # for the break in. The 3 failed drug screens are failed because it didn’t show concerta in his system , concerta metabolizes within 96 hours , which makes sense because my husband works alternating days and nights so making the appointment and also getting to Pittsburg is difficult as it is. So obviously the Rx wouldn’t be in his system if he had been out of it. Not only that, but there have been many times it took DAYS to refill his Rx. Macbeth treated my husband like a drug addict and was disrespectful. My husband has been taking Rx for his adhd since he was 11 and to no longer give my husband medical care is a slap in the face. DO NOT GO TO WADDELL.

Brenda Putnam

Have little knowledge about basic things. I was overwhelmed with what they do not know.... The “operator was rude and cold “. I’ve never spoken to anyone as rude and ruthless as the young lady who answers the phone representing UTHSC Pittsburg. I was shocked.